Road Construction

KenwabikiseLane.jpg (30309 bytes)Kenwabikise Lane is now paved to the corner of Pine Street.  For those who don't remember the names of the streets around here, that would be to the corner where the Beaver Island Christian Church is located.

Work is still being done to curbs along the Holy Cross Church hill, the post office hill, Main Street just past the post office and Gallagher Road.


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Where Did The Summer Go?

In March and April we're wishing for warmth and sunshine, then when the summer actually makes its appearance most of the year 'round islanders are too busy to really enjoy things like all day trips to the beach.  Now that it's mid-October we sort of missed out and you hear folks say, "where did the summer go?"  Good question. Normally this time of year we have what is called Indian Summer days.  A time of year when the temperature is still warm during the daylight hours, and Mother Nature has finished with her tantrums of thunderstorms and hasn't started her round of blizzards and we can still go to the beach for a picnic or a hike through the woods.

Perhaps old Mom Nature decided to stretch out that period of rainy weather.  Last week we accumulated over four inches of rain within two days along with some dandy wind.  So if we had been planning on finally getting to the beach we would have had rather wet picnics.  Ok, we can handle that, heck, we're islanders.  We'll wait and pick apples at the end of the month, right? That seems that we have a huge population of deer and if the apple tree in my front yard is any indication, there won't be many left in the old orchards.  I wake early - usually about 4:30/5 am and take our old dog out for a walk.  The past 4 mornings I've interrupted four deer who were nibbling on our apple tree.  Deer are tall critters, especially if they decide to stand on their hind legs to reach the upper branches where everyone (including the deer) knows that the best apples are.  By the end of the month we'll be lucky to find any apples that Bambi hasn't nibbled on.  BUT... the colors are gorgeous this year and fading quickly.

Speaking of Bambi...

According to Bill McDonough at McDonough's Market, the archery hunters are having a fruitful year.  The number of deer taken so far has surpassed previous years and it looks as though gun season will reap the same rewards.  Just remember hunters... some places are posted 'no hunting', so please respect the owners requests.  

Township Airport

The question was asked, "how much longer will the township airport be closed?"  According to Supervisor Don Vyse, "unknown... at least another thirty days.  The lights have to be put in place yet and the striping (painting of lines on the runway) has to wait at least thirty days after the asphalt has been laid."  We'll keep you posted.

Guess Who?

If you guess Debbie Robert you were right on the mark.  Her daughter, Hannah, is the spitting image of Debbie without the red hair. you will have to guess who submitted this photo of you to share with everyone.

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