Gale Seger

Year 'round resident Gale Seger is another who, like Sandy and Jerry LaFreniere, is coping with cancer.  Melissa Bailey is pet-sitting Gale's cat and when Gale called her recently and asked Melissa to let the Beaver Island Christian Church members know how she's doing following her surgery, young Melissa (age 13) wrote the following poem.  Gale would like to thank everyone for the cards, prayers, flowers, etc.  but I think Melissa did it for her much better than anyone else could ever do.  

Gale's Message

Melissa Bailey

She called for me in the morning,

and like dove to Noah,

I will be her voice.

She told me to stand before you

and say

that her body is healing,

and she said two words about

her surgery:

bilateral mastectomy,

and spelled them to me like a teacher would

to a very small child, because I did not understand.

That was what the doctors did,

and that was what she lived through, conquered,

and shed like a skin

before Satan's house.

She said

"Thank them for me, please,

for prayers, flowers, phone conversations,

cards they gave to me"

and I will.

More faces of doctors

will look upon her, pronounce judgment,

and she will live with six months of


She said through giggles

"A special thank-you,

for watching Earl I mean,

he needs the correction".

She lives that man.

She said

that there was one last wish

she had.

For those that prayed

in faith for her healing,

don't stop

right when it's working.

Answering prayers

was never hard for God,

all he needs is you to know he will.

Then we talked about her kitten.

He bites sometimes

and she says that's not right.

I should say "No",

and set him on the floor.

I am going to

tell the Devil


and send him burning.

Christmas Ornaments

Many of you will remember when I worked at the Historical Society I designed Beaver Island Christmas Ornaments.  I've been working on that project again, this time on my own, not part of any organization.  I will only have a limited number of them made up.  It takes about 3 months to have them made.  This year I'm going to do the Harbor Lighthouse in the snow.

For those of you who haven't seen the prior ornaments, these are hand-blown glass balls that are painted on the inside by a process called  This form of artwork, known as Eglomise, has existed in China since 1802. Originally developed as a means of portraying French trading ships on flat glass, artists eventually incorporated other forms of glass, including bottles and ornaments. Each ornament is individually hand-blown and then meticulously hand-painted on the inside with small, curved brushes using a technique also known as "reverse-painting."

Although I don't have the prototype at hand yet, this years ornament will look similar to this:

I am not taking orders at this moment, but thought I'd give you something to think about for a couple weeks.  I will have a photo of the prototype as soon as it arrives and at that time I'll start taking orders.  This design will be for this year only.

New System

Hopefully I've got this entire site moved into the new computer.  I didn't realize how big this had grown over time and tried to get it all back in the original order.    If you come across something I missed or any problems, please let me know and I'll try to fix it.  

Guess Who

Figure it out?  It's me... Phyllis Gregg Moore.  Skinny little kid who isn't that way any more <grin> but I AM still short on one end.  I figure in my next life I'll come back at a height to match my weight and will be about 8 foot 6.

Sandy and Jerry LaFreniere have done so much for the island and its people and now we all have a chance to return the favor.  Both have been diagnosed with cancer and Sandy is now going through the radiation treatments.  Besides being in all of our prayers, there was a benefit to help with the tremendous expenses that they are incurring.

On Thursday, June 14th, there was a pizza dinner benefit at Dalwhinnie's from 5:30 until 7:30 pm.  All pizza, pop, chips were donated and there was a donation box available.

Both Sandy and Jerry have spent many years working for the Beaver Island Boat Company so just about everyone knows their smiling faces and quick wit.  Jerry has the most wonderful private museum on Freesoil Road, where he is the keeper of island photos and memorabilia.

If you were unable to attend the benefit, you can still make a donation by sending your check to: LaFreniere Benefit c/o McDonough's Market, Beaver Island, Michigan 49782.

If you'd like to send them a card of encouragement, you can write to them at 7192 Torrey Road; Swartz Creek, Michigan 48473.  They will be at this address while Sandy goes through her radiation and chemo.  Please send donations to the Benefit address and cards to the Swartz Creek address.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hanks... You are all in our thoughts and prayers!  Follow the doctors orders, we all want you home soon!

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