Beaver Island Fire Chief Tim McDonough is issued an extreme fire warning for Beaver Island and all of the outer islands.  This warning is in effect immediately and for the indefinite future.  NO BURNING OF ANY KIND ALLOWED! If you have any questions, please contact Chief McDonough.

Just a Note to all Visitors

For some unknown reason, the digital camera I have been using has decided to go on strike.  I can still take photographs, but cannot get them out of the camera.  As a result, Monday's update will be minus photographs unless someone else has taken pictures of: the butterfly gathering and the road work.  Hopefully, while I'm taking my daughter down to college I'll be able to find the special adapter necessary to get the photos out of the camera and into my computer, or find a relatively inexpensive new camera.  I apologize to all for the problem this causes but please bear with me until I get it resolved.  Thanks.       Phyllis Moore

$1,000.00 REWARD

This Reward Is Being Offered

To Anyone Having Information

Leading To The Arrest and Conviction Of

 The Individual Who Is Responsible

For The Crimes Committed At

Bud and Colleen Martin's Home

On June 24, 2001

Call Sheriff at 231-448-2700.


August 20 24, 2001 , at

Beaver Island Community School

with Head Coach Clive Wilkinson

8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.      -      High School

10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.    -      11 to 14 Year Olds

1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.       -      10 and under

Times are Subject to Change

Price of the clinic is $45.00, payable to Clive Wilkinson.

To register contact Beaver Island Community School 448-2744

Homecoming 2001

With the ferry bringing full loads and the planes packed to capacity, the island was ready to celebrate the annual Beaver Island Homecoming.  For those who don't know, Homecoming is always held the 2nd Sunday in August and is a time for folks to come back to their roots and visit along with checking out old haunts, catching up on family news face to face, dancing and plenty of visiting.

Saturday night there was a dance at the Holy Cross Parish Hall with tunes provided by Edward and Hilary Palmer, Danny and Cindy Gillespie, Rich Scripps, Glen Hendrix and various other musicians making "island style" music.  The crowd was terrific and everyone had a great time.

Sunday was the traditional August Dinner, again at the parish hall.  It was a smashing success... the dinner opened at 5 and by 6:15 they had run out of chicken and had to turn folks away!  Next year they will have to increase the supply of birds.

Both the Shamrock and the Old Rectory supplied folks with food and musical feasts too so there was no reason to miss out on any of the celebrating.  For those who wished for a quieter time, gatherings were seen in homes, yards and on decks.  Due to the extremely warm weather, Donegal Bay was a busy place for the swimming crowd.

The ferry was fully loaded on the first trip back on Sunday morning as people started lining up more than an hour before the boat was to board.  Out at Welke's Airport the planes were loaded too with people heading back to the mainland after a busy weekend.

All in all, it was a busy island for a few days.  Now everyone is taking a deep breath and gearing up for that final bit of summertime before Labor Day and then it's pretty much all over with and we'll start going slower and begin stockpiling for the long winter ahead.

The Annual Bud McDonough

Memorial Baseball Tourney

After many years, the trophy for the Annual Bud McDonough Memorial Baseball Tourney is back on the island and residing at McDonough's Market since the McDonough's Market team took first place that's probably appropriate.

The McDonough's Market team was comprised of:

Tim McDonough Bill McDonough
Jim McDonough Brad McDonough
Drew McDonough

Nathan McDonough

Joe McDonough Todd McDonough
Greg Cary Kyle Wojan
Neil Boyle Larry Boyle
Jeremy Sowa Tony Rouch
Mike Sowa Denny Weisburg
Chris Sorenko  

Way to go team!

Eight teams competed this year for the honor of taking first place:

Crown Motors of Charlevoix, Michigan

Gray Gables of Charlevoix, Michigan

La Senorita of Petoskey, Michigan

McDonough's Market of Beaver Island

Swanson's K&D of Charlevoix, Michigan

TDS Telecom of Beaver Island, Michigan

Top Rank of Charlevoix, Michigan

Universal Sign of Grand Rapids, Michigan

Second place was won by Gray Gables of Charlevoix with Kevin Marian being voted the best batter over-all in the teams.  Third place will be occupied this year by Crown Motors of Charlevoix.

Homecoming Survey

Every year there are lots of comments made after this weekend.  As a result, I thought it would be interesting to run a survey this week to see how everyone thinks.  The results of the survey were:

Do you, or your family, take part in any of the Homecoming activities?  71.64% said yes while 28.36% said no.

Do you feel the Baseball Tournament should be on another week-end instead of Homecoming? 54.79% said yes and 45.21% said no.

Do you feel that having both County and State police officers is necessary during Homecoming week-end? 54.79% responded no and 45.21% said yes.

Do you feel that Homecoming has become too much of a "party" and less of an "island family get-together"?  65.75% answered yes while 34.35% said no.

Do you feel that the original idea of Homecoming has changed for the better or worse through the years?  79.45% said worse and 20.55% said better.

The First Homecoming

The very first Homecoming was held in 1932.  I thought you might enjoy reading the schedule of events from then.  Many, many thanks to Mary Minor for having an original copy of the schedule and to Joyce Bartels, who copied Mary's schedule and let me borrow it long enough to scan.  You'll get a chuckle out of the prices back then, but most of all, notice all the familiar names that were on the Homecoming Committees.  Remember, this week the Print Shop Museum has a display covering that first Homecoming, stop in there and take a peek at it.  Now, check out the Schedule.


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