Dang, Mike Green's Getting OLD!!

Mike Green is getting up there and on September 2nd, will become another year older.  It's so nice of the Beaver Island Boat Company to allow him to still pilot the ferry at his advanced age.  Kitty, his long suffering wife, now has to puree all his meals in the blender since he's never taken the time to get dentures, and his poor daughters will soon be having to tie on his bib while he's drooling in a corner somewhere.

Anyhow, while he's still able to suck on that beer, we're wishing him a very Happy Birthday and many more to come.


Guess Who?

Since it's been a few weeks, it seems a good time to bring in another victim.  This week is an Islander born and bred.  Wasn't he cute?  Should be an easy guess for all of you.  To discover if you're right, go to the end of the News on the 'Net.

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