2001 Beaver Island Township Airport Improvement Project (SJX)

Beginning Tuesday, August 14th, 2001 the following runways will be closed for construction:

9-27 (The paved runway)

5-23 (The short, North/South turf runway)

These runways will remain closed until further notice.


Marion Eleanor Gregoire Burns


Former Beaver Island resident, Marion Burns passed away Sunday, August 5th in Harold, Kentucky where she had resided since leaving the island.  Funeral services for Marion were held August 9th at Holy Cross Catholic Church on the island, interment was at Holy Cross Cemetery.

Marion was preceded in death by her husband, William (Bill) Burns.  She is survived by daughters Janet Ueoka and Marilou Spears; son Thomas William Burns; one brother, Dennis Gregoire; five grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Our condolences to Marion's family.  She was a great lady and is still remembered by many on the island.

Island Outlook Users Have NEW email addresses Effective NOW

All members of the Beaver Island Internet Project (BIIP) who use Outlook as their email, must immediately, if they haven't done so already) change their settings.  To learn how to do it, go to www.biip.net where you will find step-by-step, printable directions.

For those of you sending email to people on Beaver Island who had the address @beaverisland.k12.mi.us please change your address books to reflect the new email address @biip.net   Any mail sent to the old address will bounce back to you, so please make the changes as quickly as possible.

Magical Staircase

Dan Gentle Staircase done.JPG (65266 bytes)Back in May I did a Focus article on Dan Gentle and the fabulous staircase he was building for a summer home on Fox Lake.  At the time I promised myself I'd go back and get some photos of the finished product.  Dan's done building it and it's breath-taking.  The sanding and varnishing is being done by Phil Gregg, which will surely set off Dan's enchanting staircase to perfection.  Click on the photos for enlargements.


staircase close-up.JPG (72203 bytes)Each and every piece of wood in this work of art was hand chosen by Dan, a year 'round island resident who has the uncanny ability to "see" something in the rough cedar trees that the majority of the rest of us can't visualize.  Each riser looks as though it's lightly balanced on the small twigs although Dan as fashioned it in such a way that it is very strong and can carry a large man without budging.  This piece is certainly the focal point of the entire "great room".

staircase from back.JPG (79140 bytes)

staircase looking down2.JPG (65294 bytes)

To learn more about the master woodworker, please click on his name, Dan Gentle.  There you will also find photos of this magical staircase as it was in the process of being built.

Road Work Going Strong

As anyone knows who has tried to negotiate around the harbor area, the road construction crews are working hard.  Today the road is closed from the top of Daddy Frank's hill and through the downtown area as they scrape up the old pavement and smooth out the roadbed.

Kudos must go to the H&D crew for working exceptionally long hours (6 am to almost 9 pm) in this heat and humidity along with trying to dodge people who insist upon walking straight through the construction area.  The crew's patience and willingness to work around these unthinking people is to be praised.  Please, folks, use the back roads and drive carefully.

Here's some pictures of what the town area looks like at the moment.  Please click on the thumbnails to enlarge them.

main street july 2.JPG (111966 bytes)    back road july 2.JPG (101620 bytes)    MuseumHill.JPG (89275 bytes)

PavementEater.JPG (99356 bytes)    roadwork.JPG (94077 bytes)

While the pavement is being torn up, ground and laid back down, lots of gravel is necessary to prepare the bed for the new road.  Where is that coming from?  It's being made right here on the island at the west end of Welke's airport.  An entire gravel operation is running keeping the big trucks busy traveling back and forth from town.

gravel pit2.JPG (62848 bytes)

Needless to say, we'll all be happy when the construction phase is over and the actual paving begins.  In the meantime, let's be patient, calm, and careful.

Annual Rita Gillespie Blood Drive

August 9th

at the

Beaver Island Community School

For more information contact:

Fred and Cindy Haubold 448-2972 

Jerry and Marg Charbeneau 448-2296


Jeanne Howell 448-2241

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