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Happy Birthday, Teresa!!


Very special Happy Birthday wishes to Teresa Gallagher who will be 94 years young on March 11th.  If anyone would like to send her a card to mark this occasion, her address is: Teresa Gallagher; 301 May Street; Charlevoix, Michigan 49720.

Spring's on the way...

We get a lot of email asking if we have much snow.  Well, we did have but now we're thawing out a little.  The Kings Highway is starting to show through the ice and snow but the banks are still fairly good size.  Just thought we'd pop up a picture to show you what it looked like between the new car wash and Ricksgers' house.

Has He Changed His Tactics?

Look carefully at the photo to the left and you'll notice a snowmobile sitting on the roof of the boat... here's "the rest of the story:"  many of you will remember last year when Richie Gillespie started operating his underwater snowmobile driving course.  He didn't get many takers but he did receive a lot of razzing.  This year, in order to perfect his methods of traveling to the mainland, he's trying something new.  Richie, who is on the board of the historical society, remembered hearing about how the mail used to come from the mainland over the ice.  Well we all know that Richie can't travel over the ice (he tends to go under it).  To eliminate this dilemma he's now going to go into business with Jimmy Kenwabikise, owner and operator of the fish tug "Ruby Ann",  and use the snowmobile part way and when open water is a problem they will load up the machine on to the tug and chug through the waves until they come to ice again.  The idea was tested and seems to work quite well... so far.  It's the consensus around here that Laura, Richie's poor wife, should be nominated for sainthood for living with a fellow who can provide the island with winter entertainment like the underwater snowmobiling, the three story fishing shanty, and this new idea.  Somehow Richie, we don't think this idea will prosper any better than the rest.  

Photo above from Rich Gillespie

The Next Generation

Since as far back as anyone can remember the Palmers' and Gillespies' have entertained us with "island" music: Loraine, Edward, Russell, "Budger", Irene Palmer, Rita, Jewell, Danny, Richie, and Cindy Gillespie and now there's Hilary, the daughter of Edward and Mary Palmer and a tenth grader at the Beaver Island Community School.  She has been invited to sing at the annual Fiddler's Jamboree in East Jordan, Michigan on Saturday, March 3rd.  Hilary will be "on stage" between 2:00 and 3:00 pm at the Jordan Valley Express on M-66 in East Jordan.  If you are in the area, please stop in and give her some support.  With that fabulous voice she's probably going to bring the audience to their feet.  Congratulations, Hilary!

Update From the Gaults

I just received this lovely letter and am posting it here to share with you:

Dear Island Friends,
    Just writing to let you know that we are all doing amazingly
well. considering. My Adam will be receiving an award from the mayor of
Orland this Monday (I think all my kids were heroes!), he has been back into
his school routine. Alec has been home sick this week with a cold, (things
back to normal there) but he keeps saying that next time we fly up, it
should be during the day. Emma is doing well on her crutches, and has
started school half days this week. She needs follow ups with the doctors
but she's doing great.
    I hope none of you are disappointed, but I have no plans on doing
Dateline or any other TV shows. I know Beaver Island is a special, private
place, that's why we love it there. Believe me, I had no intention of
letting the word out on what a pristine and peaceful place it is. I'm the
type of person that didn't even want anyone to know we had a second home,
and now it was in People Magazine. It's made the ordeal all the more
    The kids can't wait to come back to the island this summer. I take that
as a wonderful sign!
              Thanks to all of you,
                                Mirth Gault

Beaver Island EMT Classes

Submitted by Joe Moore, EMT-P, I-C

An EMT class in the State of Michigan requires 192 hours which includes 16 hours time in an emergency room  for clinical and 16 hours on an ambulance for clinical.    All EMT students must meet these minimums as well as take an 8 hour American Heart Association Basic Life Support CPR class.

Each person recommended to the state must achieve at least an 80% on each examination given in the class, must pass the State of Michigan EMT examination, and, and one month later,  must also pass a practical examination proctored by the the State of Michigan in order to be licensed.

We are doing two EMT classes--one during the day and one during the night.  The day class includes three students:  Erin Russell, Kellie Gillespie, and Abigail Adams.  The high school students can usually use this course to fulfill any first aid course requirements for programs such as sports medicine much like Lindsay Russell did in her program.  The students can, more importantly, be licensed by the State of Michigan
as Basic Emergency Medical Technicians.  This may give them a part time job while they are attending college.  This also may provide them with an interest in the medical sciences that they may not have had an opportunity to see or do before.

The night time class includes four adults:  Karen Whitecraft, Gerald LaFreniere, Kevin Jeter, and Jessica Carpenter.  BIEMS looks forward to having four additional EMS personnel at this level to take the pressure off the three paramedics who are
responding to all the calls now.  There are calls that do not require a paramedic to be with the patient during transport.

Letter of Appreciation

Mrs. Gault contacted Sheriff Lasater and requested that he distribute their families' letter of appreciation to subjects involved in not only the rescue and subsequent hospitalization, but to the entire community of Beaver Island, Charlevoix and all agencies involved in the ordeal.

I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to try to thank all the people that were touched by our ordeal.  I did not know where to begin, I wish I could thank each and every one of you personally.

First of all, Paul Welke, who is our absolute hero.  You can only imagine our feelings when off in the distance, we heard the sound of a plane, only to hear it become louder with each passing second.  His bravery, experience, intuition and deep caring makes him a truly remarkable person.  It may sound silly, but when we are ready, we plan to adopt a puppy and name him Welke.  Thank you, Mr. Welke.

To the people of Beaver Island, I knew, just knew, if we were on the island, you were out there looking for us.  It gave such hope

To Tim McDonough, Deputy Sheriff Mike Russell, Jim Wojan, Darrell Butler, Rich Gillespie and all the people involved in our rescue, so many thanks.

To our dear friend, Ron Wojan, for being with my husband, in his darkest times.

To Billy McDonough, who announced the wonderful news to my husband.

To Jeff Powers, the island vet, who so sympathetically took care of our dog, who made me feel some relief.

To all of you, that I have never met and don't even know your names, thank you.

To the Canadian Rescue team, that was out there looking for us.

To the men in the Coast Guard, who are trained for this, but probably never truly prepared for what they may find.

To the people in Charlevoix.  To Sheriff George Lasater, who was a lifeline to my family in Chicago, when they could not get answers from anyone else.

To all the doctors, nurses and staff at Charlevoix Area Hospital.

To Tamara Stevens, the public relations person at the hospital, who kept me shielded from the media, which was an experience that could have added so greatly to my stress.

To Bob, the ambulance driver, who brought my Emma tacos when she was feeling better.  I could see her perk up.

To the people I have never met, who offered me their homes, prayers and emotions.

I know I have probably left many people out, but please know that you all played a part in this.  I never knew people could be so "good".

On behalf of my loving husband, my beautiful, spectacular children - I thank all of you.

Mirth Gault

Orland Park, Illinois

Really Old News

It's cold out, the roads are a glare of ice and if it doesn't quit snowing we may not see green grass until about mid-August.  In the meantime, it might be interesting to see what the Charlevoix Sentinel had to say about the island.  The Sentinel was Charlevoix's newspaper before the Courier.

From the April 25, 1905 edition:

Last Friday afternoon, as Rev. Fr. Zugelder and the writer of this were walking "far afield" through a Mormon clearing that has been untouched by a plow for fifty years or more, the reverend gentleman noticed a small, round object on the dead sward. He picked it up and it proved to be one of the most interesting relics ever found on that historic island. The prize was a brass campaign button of 1848, when Zachariah Taylor was elected. The figure of General Taylor standing beside his horse is as plain as when the button was made and around the rim of the button are the words "Rough and Redy," the sobriquet Taylor received at the battle of Buena Vista. These were the days when the Mormons were in full swing on Beaver Island and there is not the slightest doubt that the button was lost by a Mormon, and that is has lain in the old Mormon field for more than fifty years. Rev. Father Zugelder presented it to the writer on the spot and we consider it a most valuable relic.

The NorthernIslander

By now all the Beaver Island property owners should have received the premier copy of the new paper "The NorthernIslander".  Very nice, wasn't it?  The upcoming issue promises to be even bigger and better.  Hopefully you've already subscribed to it, but if you haven't, it's not too late to take advantage of the special rate.  

"I got my first copy of the new paper today, I like it.  Very nicely done, didn't put it down until I read it cover to cover"  comment by Mike Laubinger, regular visitor to this website.

For those of you who haven't seen the first issue, rather than putting it all in here, I suggest if you want to keep track of all the goings-on of the island, subscribe now.  The NorthernIslander covers all island events, meetings, issues and plenty of articles such as: dog sledding, gathering maple syrup, and viewpoints.  It's divided into sections: Community Connections, Commentary, Letters to the Editor, Arts and Entertainment, School News, Historical Happenings, Island Information, Outdoor Living, Harbor Highlights and As We Go To Press.

While this site covers little snippets of Island information and news, the NorthernIslander covers them in depth.

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