10 Reasons Why You Might Have Second Thoughts About Moving to Beaver Island

Submitted by Bev Russell and Rick Stoner (he of the first time visit to the island)

10.  "My God... it's surrounded by water!"

9.  The toy lady won't sell her toys.

8.  (From the air) What are thought to be mailboxes... are actually houses.

7.  Anywhere you drive... you keep ending up where you started.. at Lake Michigan

6.  You have to charter a plane or boat just to get a McBurger!

5.  The deer farmers don't tend to their flocks.

4.  Saturday evening festivities... rock throwing target practice into Lake Michigan

3.  Reported sightings from Islanders about mysterious appearances of John Gage and Roy DeSoto.

2.  The Sheriff takes inept tourists from the mainland and turns them into deputies.


Dining Out Program

Appeals to Senior Citizens

Beaver Island has recently started a special "Dining Out" program for seniors, the first of its kind in Charlevoix County.

Seniors may pick up certificates, which entitle them to a nutritious breakfast, 7 days a week at Dalwhinnie's restaurant.

A donation for the meal is made when seniors pick up their "Dining Out" certificates (a donation of $2 per certificate is appreciated).  Up to 7 certificates per week, per individual are available to all over 60 years of age.  Tip/gratuity is not included.

Outreach coordinator, Elaine West, is at the Health Center each Monday from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. and seniors who wish to pick up their certificates are asked to use the ramp door at the north end of the building.

"Dining Out" breakfasts meet the nutrition standards of this program, which is a service of the Area Agency on Aging of Northwest Michigan and Northwest Michigan Human Services Agency.  It is designed to give the seniors more choices for their nutrition by utilizing the services of local restaurants.

Beaver Island seniors are enthused about the program.  Many have gathered for breakfast meetings and to socialize over a hearty and nutritious breakfast.

For more information about the program, call Elaine West at the Health Center.

News from the 

Beaver Island Youth Consortium

Submitted by Mary Jane Hays

The Beaver Island Youth Consortium is off to a great start to bring in the new year!  Beginning with a New Year's Eve alcohol and drug free party at the Old Rectory for our teens.  Thanks to owners Bill and Claudia for offering the restaurant and pool lounge, twenty-five kids came to join in on the fun.  "All you can eat" pizza and pop was available.  What a great idea and what a great turn out!  Thanks to all who helped make this night possible.

Our Chess Club started in November and is still going strong.  We have twelve members who meet from 2:00 to 3:15 pm every Monday after school.  We are currently searching for possible chess tournaments in northern lower Michigan to enter.

Friday, January 19th, six kids from our 7th, 8th, and 9th grades will travel to Traverse City to see the "Rainmaker" perform at the Old Town Playhouse.  The Beaver Island Youth Consortium has chipped in for partial funding to help make this possible.

We're also joined the students from 9th and 10th grades who wanted an ice rink available to them and the whole community.  What a great idea!  With the help from our townships, fire department and all of us working together, we are very close to having the rink up and running.  Due to the warmer weather we've had difficulty getting the water to freeze.  We are looking forward to seeing all of you skating soon!

We continue to find programs available throughout the year.  Our goal is to give our youth more options for after school activities that are both for learning experiences and to have fun.  We will greatly accept your suggestions.  Please call Mary Jane (448-2744).


Coffee Get-together

The Beaver Island Rural Health Center Board of Directors will host a Coffee on Saturday morning to welcome our new Care Provider: Susan Meis, MSN-PA-C.

The Beaver Island Community is encouraged to come and get acquainted with Susan and her daughter Maureen.  Husband, Roy, will be coming to the island in the future.

The gathering will be at the Peaine Township Hall on Saturday, January 20th at 9:30 am.  There will also be an information session on current Health Service Programs at the Health Center.

The Board of Directors will have an afternoon work session at the same site.  The last phase of the Strategic Planning Task Force will be on the agenda.  Anne Glendon will facilitate the event.

New Beaver Island Newspaper to Begin in March

     It's name is NorthernIslander, named after King's Strang's newspaper of the mid 1800's. Due out in early March, the plans for this new monthly started over a year ago. Jacque LaFreniere, and Steve and Elaine West, decided to begin their own publication. "It will be a monthly to start, and have a number of feature articles as well as community news and editorials," said managing editor LaFreniere.
   The paper will be a tabloid size and run on newsprint. "We have a lot of room with this size paper to include a lot of stories and photos. And we hope to keep the number of ads down - for the sake of the subscribers and advertisers as well," explained business and advertising manager Steve West.
   Elaine West, who will serve as the feature and design editor, has a background in professional journalism. Her articles, columns and photos have been published in The Traverse City Record Eagle, The Fort Wayne News Sentinel, The Auburn Start and News-Sun (Indiana daily papers),
and Reader's Digest. "I'm enjoying exploring the island and its people through their stories," said West. "And I hope they will share with us their ideas as well."
   The premiere issue of NorthernIslander will be free and mailed out in late February to Beaver Island property owners. A founding subscriber rate of $19.95 is available until March 31. For more information on how to receive a free issue or to subscribe to the NorthernIslander, call: (231) 448-3046, or write:
NorthernIslander, P.O. Box 113, Beaver Island, MI 49782
   The first issue will have features on dog-sledding at McCafferty's Unfinished Farms, a profile of an island sculptor, information about the ongoing cormorant study being done by the DNR and CMU,  a story on islanders who make their own maple syrup, and columns by several island writer's.

This was at the beginning of the week

and as we all know, things change...and it's turned cold again.  Michigan weather tends to do that.

This is one of those times where absolutely nothing earth-shaking has happened all week.  Now, if the same could be said nationally we'd be all set.  I'd love to turn on the news some evening and hear Dan Rather say, "Well, folks it was a quiet day, nothing happened, no one died, no wars were fought, the starving have food and the sick are all well."  It's not quite that good here... after all, this is the cold and flu season and a good majority of us are coughing and sneezing.  Since you could say that we're a closed community, we tend to pass the same old germ around and around from December to April.  I keep picturing this germ by April 15th is hunched over, baggy eyed and mumbling to himself, "give me some fresh people."  

We're also in the midst of the annual January thaw.  This can be a good thing... you've seen the pictures of all the snow (check the archives) and the melting of some off roofs is really welcome.  Yes, Jack Spanhak... it's thawing big-time now.  However with the thaw comes the following:

Kids whining, "There's nothing to do because it's slushy out and we can't go outside and ski, skate, snowmobile, etc ."  

Grown-ups whining, "There's nothing to do because it's slushy out .and we can't go outside and ski, skate, snowmobile, etc

Everyone on the island with a computer whining, "I can't dial up because all the lines are full... wish it would stop thawing so some of them would go outside and ski, skate, snowmobile, etc."

Do you see the pattern there?  Unlike the spring thaw that at least gives up a glimpse of green, the January thaw gives us slush, mud, deeper slush, and more slush.  The technical weather term for this type of Michigan weather is the acronymn A.W.F.U.L. - Actually it Won't Freeze Until Later.  For lay-persons, like myself, we use the term YUCKY and that encompasses it all.

Being an island in the middle of a January thaw also brings about that spring-like phenomenon called fog.  This past week it's been foggy every single day.  I'm sure the Charlevoix airport is about packed to the rafters with mail, packages, prescriptions, people and foodstuffs to come over but the fog has been too thick.  I personally don't want to be in a plane if the pilot doesn't think he can make it back down on the ground so I'll just wait until it's clear landing for my stuff to come from the mainland.

 In the meantime, while waiting out this January thaw, there's always something to do.  For the kids... how about cleaning out your rooms?  No telling what you'll find in there, you might even find a birthday envelope with a check or cash that you forgot about.. Don't forget to clean under the bed guys.  For the grown-ups... are your rooms clean??? Under your bed too??  It's a good time to play one of those family games you got for Christmas or to read one of your new books.

Just think, in another week or so we're going to be wishing we had this thaw back as we return to the snow and wind chills.  On second though, I can't imagine wishing for this stuff back... ok, kids where did you put that Monopoly game?

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