Winter View of Donegal Bay

Lots of snow, a clear day and kids... what that means if you don't have a snowmobile, is sliding at Mt. Pisgah at Donegal Bay.  We gathered our youngest and a friend and headed out for some old-fashioned fun.

Of course, before any sliding could be done, we had to haul ourselves and the sleds up to the top of the hill before we could enjoy the trip down the hill.  The white path was little daunting, but we made it and the sight was well worth it.

If you've only climbed Mt. Pisgah in the summer this is the view from the top in mid-January.  Absolutely stunning!  And between you and me, it's a lot easier to climb in the winter... sand doesn't shift under your feet and if you work up a sweat, you don't notice it because of the wind chilling you.  That "land" you can see beyond the trees, in the picture below,  is Garden Island.

Oh yeah, we didn't come for sight-seeing... we came for the sledding, and the sliding down was accomplished by Mr. Moore doing a belly-ride on a snow-board.

Christine rested up before a final run and supervised Mr. Moore as he headed down with Andrea riding on his back.


It was a couple hours of fun but we were more than ready to head home for hot chocolate and to warm our toes.  

American Red Cross Pet First Aid Taught to Islanders

Dr. Linda Gyomory, DVM, an associate of Dr. Jeff Powers at South Sanilac Veterinary Clinic, recently taught the American Red Cross Pet First Aid Class to 14 interested islanders.

The four hour class, held at Peaine Township Hall on January 17, covered techniques to handle and calm injured animals, pet CPR and rescue breathing, recognizing and treating shock, and many other types of basic first aid for cats and dogs.

Students in the class were Maggie Bennett, John Fiegan, Jon and Sally Fogg, Phil Gregg, Ginger Schneider, Karen Slanja, Elaine West, Satch and Carole Wierenga, Lois Williams and B. J. Wyckoff.

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