It's Coming soon!

The new Beaver Island newspaper, NorthernIslander, will be arriving soon.  This is the perfect time to subscribe to it at the special rate before it goes up on March 31st.  To make things easy for you, a form is at the bottom.  Just print out this page, fill in the information and mail it out right away!  

While this site covers the day to day goings on in short form, the NorthernIslander will give "in depth" articles and lots of photos.  Personally, I'm looking forward to this new publication and wish Jacque LaFreniere, Elaine and Steve West all the best as they bring out this new newspaper covering life on Beaver Island.

A "Richie Gillespie" Exclusive

Last winter to minimize the boredom of winter life on the island, Richie Gillespie instituted underwater snow-mobiling.  Needless to say, that idea didn't get the following he'd hoped for.  As a result, in this year of the millennium,   Richie has come up with a new idea that may just catch on.  The condominium fishing shanty.

Three stories tall, offering bay windows for a fine view of the ice flows, this shanty boasts recliners for those who wish to relax in style while NOT fishing. In order to keep the heat inside, Richie opted to not place openings in the floor for fish lines.  Instead he painted it in the Irish colors.  The one disappointment is that this unique shanty doesn't have any decks for heckling the other, more practical, fishermen.  However, the fishing lies that are generated in this shanty will put all others to shame, of that we're fairly certain.  For information on how to purchase one of these shanties, please contact Mr. Gillespie in person.  Keep in mind that he's a very busy fellow and may hand you a full line of "fishing stories".  

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