QUALIFICATIONS:  Experience with grant writing and administration. Ability to deal with state agencies, local governmental boards and corporate boards tactfully and effectively.  Ability to maintain confidentiality of Authority records and information. Qualified computer and communication skills.  Ability to manage a budget, prepare balance sheets, income and expense statements and tax
reports. Experience with letting bids, familiarity with public sector bidding

REPORTS TO: Chairperson, Beaver Island Transportation Authority

JOB GOAL: Direct the overall operation of the Authority, prepare annual budget,conduct business with state, federal government and Beaver Island Boat Company.

HOURS AND PAY:  To be determined

RESPONSIBILITIES:   Responsible for the overall operation of the Transportation Authority. Monitors and adjusts Authority budget. Oversees records of revenues, expenditures and annual audit.  Provides staff support to Authority.  Conducts research, prepares reports and recommends policy issues to the Authority.  Undertakes special projects as directed by the Authority.  Provides liason between the Authority and a wide variety of local, regional and state public and private organizations including MDOT, St. James Township and the Beaver Island Boat Company.  Keeps abreast of rules, regulations and programs that may affect the operation and management of the Authority.  Assures
preparation and administration of state/federal capital contracts.  Maintain all records
and inventory of equipment. Duties stated herein are meant to describe the general nature of work to be performed by the Executive Director.

APPLICATIONS:  Interested persons should submit a letter of interest and a current resume' including references by March 1, 2001 to:

Richard Gillespie, Chairperson
P.O. Box 217
Beaver Island, MI 49782