Guess Who

Don't you just wish she'd smile a little?  Perhaps she wasn't too crazy about having to pose for a photograph back then.   Need a couple hints?  She's a born and raised islander... is related to most everyone... one of her children was in this same spotlight at one time.   You'll have to go to the end of the News to discover who she is.

Christmas Ornament

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The master ornament for 2001 is in, and it's beautiful.  Hand-blown and hand-painted on the inside, it shows the Whiskey Point (harbor) lighthouse.  It will take 10 to 12 weeks to have them made so we are taking advance orders.  Each ornament is $25 and shipping (Priority mail) and handling will be an added $4.00.  If you'd like to reserve one, please send a check or money order to:  Phyllis Moore, Beaver Island Virtual Tour, 26450 West Carlisle Road, Beaver Island, MI 49782.

Interesting Harbor Doings

On the afternoon of July 7th, an interesting ship appeared in the harbor eventually stationing itself at the Municipal dock where visitors were given tours.  What was this unique ship?  It is the "Pride of Michigan", a training ship for U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps based in Mt. Clemens, Michigan.  The Sea Cadets range in age from 13 to 17.

The ship itself has a displacement of 68 tons, full load with a length of 80.6 feet and a beam of 17.8 feet.  It is powered by 2 Detroit V 12-7 diesels, 680 BHP and the propellers are twin 36-inch 3-bladed screws.  The cruising speed is 10 knots with a rage of 750 nautical miles.  Construction is a wood hull with aluminum deck housing.  Crew consisted of 6 officers and 18 cadets.

For more information about the ship or the Sea Cadet program, please visit their website at 

"Help"ing The Summer Along

Becky Reynolds, 20, is the daughter of Mary Helen Martin who in turn was the daughter of John Martin, so she has lots of island connections.  

This summer Becky is working afternoons at the Beaver Island Marine and in the evenings at the Beaver Island Lodge.  

During the year, she lives in Holly, Michigan but this summer, Becky and a friend are camping until August.   

Welcome home, Becky... hope we see you for many summers to come.



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