Holy Cow! Beth Anne's 40!!!

To mark this momentous occasion, I thought it only right to show Beth Anne (Green) Lucas as we all see her... dignified, prim, proper and oh, so lady-like.  Happy Birthday, kiddo... and many, many more!  (To see the poster-sized pictures, click one of the thumbnails)

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Governor Vetoes Medical Center Upgrade for Beaver Island

On July 23rd, Governor John Engler vetoed the line item for the refurbishing of the Beaver Island Rural Health Center.  Although this is a blow to many, it's now in the past and we'll have to be the "good sports" we tell our children to be and say, "Congratulations to  Mackinac Island on receiving your monies for a upgrade to your tiny facility, which is truly necessary, considering that you deal with about five times as many patients during the summer months as we do."  

Engler did state that he would "consider supporting funding for the Beaver Island clinic in the Fiscal Year 2003 budget."  If we wish to refurbish our present facilities, we'll have to keep up the hard work of making our senators and representatives in Lansing well aware of what we need and its urgency.  Let's look on the bright side... we may well end up with better than what we'd hoped for this time.  This was just one little skirmish, and the battle for improved medical facilities on Beaver isn't over yet.  We now have a whole year to prepare our arsenal for the next skirmish.

In the meantime, check out the Forum on the side menu here.  The people from the NorthernIslander have requested that you respond to their statements and please sign your "real" name and your hometown.  Hopefully the response will be enough to warrant an article in their September issue.  Let's not become apathetic but continue to keep the ball rolling on this issue.  Believe it or not, Lil Gregg's favorite saying, "it'll all work out for the best", is usually right.

Road Work Begins

H & D of Petoskey, Michigan is hard at work digging up the old road around the harbor and preparing the roadbed for the new pavement and curbing.  Traveling through the town area now offers diversion as some roads are closed.  To pick up your mail, you must park at the top of Frankie Lane and walk down the hill to the post office.  No big deal, heck, our grandparents walked all over the place and didn't complain about it.  Don't you remember those old stories of how Grandpa had to walk to school - uphill both ways in the winter and shared one boot with 5 brothers? - walking a few hundred feet down hill is no biggie.

From the Whiskey Point light to the bank the road and sidewalks are gone now and it's a dirt lane for now.  From the post office to the municipal dock road and sidewalks are gone and preparations are being made for a sewer system that will run from the post office to the Holy Cross Parish Hall.  

We'll keep you updated on the progress of the new roads and the changes we'll be seeing around the harbor as this project moves along.  It'll be so nice next summer to drive around the harbor and not disappear into a pot hole or have to squeeze past another vehicle when you meet it going in the opposite direction.  

$500.00 REWARD

This reward is being offered to anyone having information leading to the conviction of the individual who is responsible for the recent crimes committed at Bud and Colleen Martin's home.  Please contact the Sheriff's Deputy with your information 448-2700.

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