Sandy and Jerry LaFreniere arrived home this morning after spending many weeks down state having medical treatments and like Dolly in the old song, "we're glad to have you back where you belong"!  We've really missed you two, the island just isn't the same when you aren't home.  Jagger has also been lonely for you, Sandy and Jerry.  We expect to see you out supervising all this road work going on when you take those early morning drives.  Although we are all tremendously happy to have you home, we'll try to contain ourselves and not all pile into that little house on Freesoil before you get a chance to put your feet up and relax with your kids and grandkids.  God bless you both and welcome home, or as Jerry's sign says, "Cead Mille Failte".

Notice to Beaver Island Internet Project (BIIP) Users

For those who are on the island and connect to the Internet locally, the new servers are being installed and ALL email addresses for those using Outlook will change from User to the much shorter User  Please go to the BIIP website at and learn how to change your settings.  They have also added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to the site along with step-by-step directions for changing your Outlook address.  This MUST be done as soon as possible, so please make a stop there if you connect via the island server.  For those people who use AOL, or any other program,  you will not have to make any changes.

Fire Warning Lifted

Thanks to the rain and the lower temperatures, the fire warning posted by Chief Tim McDonough has been lifted.  However, still use common sense and be careful as the heat and dryness are forecasted to return.  In the meantime, we can take a deep breath and enjoy the lower humidity and much cooler temperatures.  

New Change-over Day

The News on the 'Net page will now be doing the change-over every week on Monday instead of Wednesday as it has been.  It seems that my "paying" job is sort of cutting into my Wednesday making it difficult to get this up until late Wednesday night.  From now on, unless circumstances prevent it, on Monday the previous weeks page will go into Old News Stories and we'll begin again, updating throughout the week as things happen.

Island Gets Second Deputy

News release from the Office of the Sheriff, Charlevoix County

William Church, a 23 year old graduate from Lake Superior College in Sault St. Marie, has been assigned by Sheriff George T. Lasater as the second deputy sheriff on Beaver Island for a six month assignment.  This second deputy sheriff funding was a combined effort between Charlevoix County Board of Commissioners and both township boards on Beaver Island.

Will is from Midland County where he grew up on a farm and his father was a deputy sheriff with the Midland County Sheriff's Office.  Prior to graduating from the police academy, William did his internship with the Midland City Police Department.

William's hobbies are: fishing, hockey and diving.  This is his first assignment in law enforcement and he is looking forward to putting his knowledge and skills to use.  He feels fortunate to have this opportunity to gain experience, and is looking forward to serving the citizens and guests of Beaver Island.

William's goals while on Beaver island are to develop community policing skills, creating a positive image for the Sheriff's Sub-Station and the Sheriff's Office while dealing with the citizens in a professional and approachable manner.  His main goal is working with the youth of Beaver Island.

Sheriff Lasater states that this young man, even though he has limited experience, will make up for it in enthusiasm, intelligence and a desire to do an exceptional job.  During the background investigation, he received very high praise from everyone we talked to and has a reputation of being a good, down to earth young man, eager to do an exceptional job for the citizens of Beaver Island. 

Welcome to the island, William, and we're sure Mike Russell, our permanent deputy, appreciates having another office aboard.

MAD Camp 2001

Friday evening, July 27th, marked the end of MAD (Music, Arts, Drama) Camp 2001.  The turnout was tremendous this year, with over 50 children taking part. Sue Oole, the director of MAD camp, and daughter of our own Art Johnson, has put together a dedicated group of musicians, artists, writers, actors, teachers and music educators from all around the state.  Throughout the entire week, the kids took part in the regular camp classes of: art, chimes, world mysteries, crafts, ethnic dancing, recreation, creative writing, origami, video production and cooking around the world.  To conclude the week, there was a program at the Beaver Island Christian Church where the campers performed and displayed what they had accomplished during the week.  Hat's off to Sue and all those who helped make this the best MAD camp ever.

Wedding Bells Were Heard

On July 29th, Bill Markey and Kat Dill were married at Cable's Creek on Beaver Island.  A reception was held at the Beachcombers for their friends and family.  Congratulations to Bill and Kat, may you have a wonderful life together!

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