Road Work

Islanders and visitors are having quite a time navigating a trip to the Point or to the store as the main road around the harbor is being rebuilt.  Day by day the route seems to change and it's interesting to see how it's done.  You have to feel somewhat sorry for the day-trippers who cannot travel around on the harbor road, and those businesses that are affected... this week being Out On A Limb and the Boat-tique.  The rest of us are getting used to the idea that a trip to the store is no longer a direct route.  One of the sad things about this project is the loss of some of the island trees.  The huge double oak at the top of the Post Office hill is slated to be removed and Phil Gregg's Mountain Ash will be gone before this week is over since he couldn't find anyone with the ability to remove such a large tree.  As of today, the road is closed from the Post Office up to Gallagher Road as the old sidewalk is removed and the sewer system is put into place.


From the Post Office to just past the Municipal Dock the road can be driven on as it can from Gallagher Road to the Point.  Only one section is closed to traffic at this time. 

With the detours and the heavy equipment along with bikers and walkers, please drive carefully.  The back road has never had such an amount of traffic and has some very narrow spots, so please watch out for others.

Last Week to Order Christmas Ornaments

Many of you will remember when I worked at the Historical Society I designed Beaver Island Christmas Ornaments.  I've been working on that project again, this time on my own, not part of any organization.  I will only have a limited number of them made up.  It takes about 3 months to have them made.  This year I'm going to do the Harbor Lighthouse in the snow.

For those of you who haven't seen the prior ornaments, these are hand-blown glass balls that are painted on the inside by a process called  This form of artwork, known as Eglomise, has existed in China since 1802. Originally developed as a means of portraying French trading ships on flat glass, artists eventually incorporated other forms of glass, including bottles and ornaments. Each ornament is individually hand-blown and then meticulously hand-painted on the inside with small, curved brushes using a technique also known as "reverse-painting."

ornament1.jpg (13798 bytes)     ornament2.jpg (17449 bytes)

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This year the ornament is the Whiskey Point light (Harbor light).  The deadline for orders is August 1 as I will be ordering them on the 10th and they won't arrive until mid-November.  Each ornament comes in a padded red box to protect it for many years.

The master ornament for 2001 is in, and it's beautiful. Hand-blown and hand-painted on the inside, it shows the Whiskey Point (harbor) lighthouse. It will take 10 to 12 weeks to have them made so we are taking advance orders. Each ornament is $25 and shipping (Priority mail) and handling will be an added $4.00. If you'd like to reserve one, please send a check or money order to: Phyllis Moore, Beaver Island Virtual Tour, 26450 West Carlisle Road, Beaver Island, MI 49782.

Annual Rita Gillespie Blood Drive

August 9th

at the

Beaver Island Community School

For more information contact:

Fred and Cindy Haubold 448-2972 

Jerry and Marg Charbeneau 448-2296


Jeanne Howell 448-2241

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