It's a Boy

Cheryl Podgorski is very proud to announce that she's a grandma,  arriving in Wisconsin just an hour before the baby, she's ready to help with Kaelan Ray who arrived on June 17th and weighed in at 6 pounds and 4 ounces.  Proud parents are Carrie Podgorski and Steve Burroughs.  Congratulations to all!

The List is Growing

Sad to say, the list of islanders who are ill keeps growing.  Bill Welke, founder of Island Airways, will be having heart surgery on Tuesday.  NOTE: Bill's surgery was cancelled until he's doing better.  He has been moved out of ICQ though.  He is at the hospital in Petoskey and if you'd like to send him a card, the address is: Bill Welke; c/o Northern Michigan Hospital; Petoskey, MI 49783.  We'll keep you updated on how he's doing.  Because he is in ICU, please do not send flowers.


Dear Family and Friends,

So many of you have inquired that we thought it would be best to respond to everyone at once.

Sandy is currently undergoing radiation therapy and is scheduled to begin her chemotherapy next week (6/24).  If all goes according to schedule, she should be able to come home to see her beloved Jagger (and everyone else of course) sometime around the beginning of August.  Although she is unable to answer all of the cards and phone calls personally she would like you all to know that she is so very appreciative of all your thoughts and prayers.

As a family we would like to take a moment to say thank you one and all for the many thoughts and prayers you have sent our way.  Please know that feeling the love and encouragement from a supportive community provides a driving force for our family.  In moments of weakness, when things sometimes seem overwhelming, we need only to think of home and the strength that you all provide.

The benefit dinner held at Dalwhinnie last Thursday night, only reinforces our belief that Beaver Island is home to the most compassionate, generous and loving people in all the world.

May God bless you all,

The family of Sandy and Jerry LaFreniere

4th of July Theme

It's tradition for the 4th of July parade to have a theme.  This year the Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce has stated what that the theme will be: Honoring Beaver Island Veterans.  Start planning and building your floats!  The line-up time is 2:30 pm at the Medical Center and the parade will take the usual route as the road construction won't begin until the 9th of July so the 4th will really be the last week that driving through town will be easy.  So come on and start gettin' ready to make THIS parade and THIS 4th of July the very best one yet!  

CMU Field Trips

An annual, on-going summer item is the field trips sponsored by CMU (Central Michigan University) and the Beaver Island Historical Society.  This year the first one will be on Saturday, June 16th with Dr. Ed Leuck.  It will begin at 9:00 a.m. from the CMU Biological Station.  A field trip and lunch all for only $15.00!  Best deal on the island!  For reservations call Pinky Harmon at 448-2461.

If you are unable to go on this first field trip, how about planning now for the other ones?  Here's the schedule for summer 2001:

Bird-banding and Beaver Island Birds - Friday, June 22 - Ms. Nancy Seefelt - This trip will begin at 6:30 a.m. and take participants to a site where birds will be mist-netted and banded.  Breakfast will follow at 8:00 a.m. after which participants will once again go into the field for another 90 minutes of more bird-watching.  Please bring binoculars if you have them.

Beaver Island Birds - Saturday, June 30 - Ms. Nancy Seefelt - Lunch included - Beginning at 9:00 a.m., a bird-watching trip to a variety of habitats on Beaver Island in search of the birds in their natural environment.  Please bring binoculars if you have them.

Biology of Beaver Island's Sand Dunes - Thursday, July 12 - Dr. Beth Leuck - Lunch included - This trip begins at 9:00 a.m. and will take participants to the west side of Beaver Island for an exploration of the extensive sand dunes located there.  The origin, current status and future of the dunes will be discussed and the flora and fauna indigenous to these beautiful ecosystems will be sought after and explained in ecological terms.  Some climbing of steep sandy inclines will be required.

Beaver Island's Inland Lakes - Thursday, July 27 - Mr. Dan Benjamin - Lunch included - Beginning at 9:00 a.m. you'll travel to most of Beaver Island's inland lakes, with information about their formation, current status, water chemistry and natural history.

Guess Who

No, it's not Tinkerbell, so you'll have to keep guessing.  Couple clues... this person is height deprived and is usually lost somewhere in cyberspace.  Check at the end to see if you're correct.

A note of gratitude

A note of gratitude to the care providers at the Beaver Island Rural Health Care Center for their kindness and attention to my "needs" on Monday past.  Also to the Beaver Island EMS for their professional job well done, to Bev Russell for keeping me calm but confused (I thought I was going to Charlevoix)!!  The Coast Guard for their prompt response and always courteous demeanor and many others, in fact, too many to list here. Also I would like to thank Cardiologist Dr. Beattie at Munson Hospital for his time and patience and the many staffers who assisted there.  Munson has over 4,500 employees and I think I met over half of them in two days!!  I would also like to thank you, Phyllis, and Bill Pallidino for your kind article and pictures!! It gave me inspiration (know what I mean) to do something for both of you when the opportunity presents itself (and it will!!!).  But, seriously, the effort and treatment by those on Beaver Island, in the air and on the ground in Traverse City was first rate and much appreciated.  The "scare" turns out to be severely stress related (how does a wise guy get stressed out?).  Between cardiologists, gastrointestinelogists (is that a word?, P.A's and nurses I couldn't have been treated better.  Rumors were flying regarding heart attacks (some questioned if there was one) and a multitude of other things!  I had insisted that if they were going to make me go, I would ride the boat because of the fog on Monday but the Beaver Island P.A's, Sue and Chris talked me into the appropriate action which was to wait for the helicopter (actually they both threatened to beat me up!!) which was the best choice.  Of course, once the ferry left the dock their demeanor changed and I was hustled out of there in cuffs' (just kidding).  And a special thanks to Joe Moore who was convincing and calm and helped me to make the right choices.  He is probably still amazed that I actually listened to him for the first time in 25 years!! Also to my wife, Laura, and kids who were total wrecks, for being there and showing their love and concern.   Once again, thanks to all for their kindness and good intentions.  Rich Gillespie       (Phyllis and Bill, I will deal with you two later!!)

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