Guess Who?

Look at those cheeks and that grin.  Need a some hints?  This character keeps busy in many areas: tending his yard; education, medical, computers, music, cooking and reading westerns.  Check at the end of the news to discover who this person is.

From my e-mail

To all of our friends and family on the Island.  This letter is to inform you of the situation with Bertha Danaj.


Two weeks ago she went into the hospital for chest pains, the Heparin they gave her caused internal bleeding in her stomach.  The 7 pints of blood she lost caused her heart to stop, the 20 minutes of CPR done to save her life, has left her with numerous complications.  She has been on a breathing machine ever since and today they will be putting in a trach.  She has a chest tube in her left side draining infectious fluids out of her lungs at a rapid pace.  So much so that she is getting an additional tube put in ASAP.  She is on numerous antibiotic and pain meds.   Please pray for her full recovery and peace of mind for her and her entire family.
Ted Danaj

1st Annual Fireman's Picnic

The afternoon/early evening of June 24th marked the first annual Beaver Island Fireman's Picnic and if the turnout was any indication, there will be many, many more.  Great food, visiting with friends, water games, and lots of laughs.  The children truly enjoyed playing firefighter, using the hoses (with a little help from the "official" firemen) to move a barrel along a suspended wire.  During breaks while the trucks were being refilled, the kids played in the dandy mud puddles that were the result of the barrel game.  It's highly probable that most of the island washing machines and bathtubs got workouts following the picnic.  Thank you to all those who prepared the food, cooked it, served it, cleaned up and helped.  And thank you to all those who attended and took part, your generous donations help keep our fireman safe and the island protected.  To see some of the pictures from the event, click on Fire Chief Tim McDonough's picture.

Alice Hetherington

Alice Hetherington, 83, died June 21, 2001, at her home on Beaver Island.
Funeral service was held at noon Friday, June 22, at Holy Cross Catholic Church on Beaver Island. The Rev. Pat Cawley officiated. Burial took place in Holy Cross Cemetery, Beaver Island.

A long time summer visitor who became a year round resident, Alice had found a permanent place within the island community.  She always had a ready smile for all she met.  Alice quietly slipped in among us, lived a simple life and was received into heaven with open arms. Her steadfast beliefs and unpretentious ways will long be remembered by her family and friends.  We'll miss you, Alice. 

Arrangements were handled by the Winchester Funeral Home in Charlevoix.


Steve and Jane Perdue, of Beaver Island and Traverse City, Michigan, are proud to announce the engagement of their daughter, Mary Elizabeth, to Mr. Thomas Freundl of Traverse City, Michigan.

Tom is pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering at Grand Valley State University.  Mary will be attending Northwestern Michigan College this fall.  A January 4, 2003 wedding is being planned.

Congratulations to Mary and Tom! 

Happy Anniversary!

Phil and Lil Gregg will be celebrating their 54th wedding anniversary on June 21st.  Congratulations to them... if it wasn't for them, this website wouldn't be here, since they are my parents.

The List is Growing

Sad to say, the list of islanders who are ill keeps growing.  Bill Welke, founder of Island Airways, will be having heart surgery on Tuesday.  NOTE: Bill's surgery was cancelled until he's doing better.  He has been moved out of ICU though.  He is at the hospital in Petoskey and if you'd like to send him a card, the address is: Bill Welke; c/o Northern Michigan Hospital; Petoskey, MI 49783.  We'll keep you updated on how he's doing.  

A Special Trip

On June 19th, I headed out to Welke's airport to pick up my son, Mike Moore.  While there, Dennis Glenn offered me a ride in his helicopter with his instructor.  Now, I hold the world's record for Hail Mary's said between the island and Charlevoix, but I'd been wanting to take a ride in Dennis' chopper so I dropped Mike off at home, grabbed my camera and tore back to the airport.  What follows are just a few of the photos I took during that ride.  By the way, helicopter rides are very different from plane rides.  I loved it!  Not a single prayer was muttered.  Thanks so very much, Dennis, for the wonderful opportunity.  I'm ready for another ride anytime.    For those of you who want copies of any of these pictures, please DO NOT copy & paste them from here as they are copyrighted by this site.  If you'd like a certain picture, please contact me personally.

Helicopter Ride

Boat Company Parking Lot

If you park your car at the Beaver Island Boat Company lot on the Donegal Bay road, please contact the Boat Company about moving it as they will be paving the lot very soon and need all vehicles moved as soon as possible.  Thanks.

Guess Who?

Figured it out yet?  It's Joe Moore.   Joe is the head of the island EMS, teaches at the Beaver Island Community School, helps keep the Beaver Island internet server up and running, is the breakfast cook this summer at Stoney Acres, is teaching summer school on the island; plays music at the Shamrock, and at the Rectory.  In other words, he keeps busy.  Oh, and by the way, I'm married to him.

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