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Most of us living on the island connect to the Internet via the servers owned by the Beaver Island Internet Project; a consortium of the Beaver Island Community School, Central Michigan University Biological Station, Beaver Island Medical Center and the Beaver Island District Library.  You may have known that part, but were you aware that the BIIP has it's own website?  You can visit it and keep up with the latest BIIP news, minutes of the meetings and trouble shooting.  Check it out at www.biip.net And please remember, if you are connecting through BIIP and are not actively using your computer please disconnect  as there are only 24 lines and with over 140 people trying to get online, server hogs are making connecting a real challenge.  Thanks for being a good internet connection neighbor.

The Great Day is Over but... Only

Not only are we celebrating St. Patrick's Day this week-end,  we also celebrated - in a very dignified manner befitting the occasion - the aging of one of Archie and Francis LaFreniere's daughters, Judy Hansul.who is now 50!!.  Judy, a shy, demure, quiet, lady-like gal, let down her hair and showed us how members of AARP are suppose to look and behave. Judy  Judy2  Judy3  Those darn LaFreniere girls must have put a hex on my computer as I can't get the birthday party pictures to work right so you all will have to use your back button to see them after clicking on the appropriate page.  It's probably Joanie's fault since she doesn't even remember the party.

The celebrating on Saturday went on from 1 pm until who knows.  There were games, laughs, music, and loads of fun for all.  If you were on the island, you probably attended at least one of the events, and if you weren't, come on and see how Beaver Island spent the Great Day.  NOTE:  if a page doesn't load, try hitting your refresh button before emailing me about the problem.  Thanks.

The Great Day

Our Own Irish Lass

Joanie Adams, daughter of David and Kathy Adams, is having a unique experience.  On December 28th, she and her mother traveled to Kilkenny, Ireland where, at the invitation of her uncle, Joanie is attending school Preservation Catholic, an all girl school with 800 students.  Quite a change of pace from the Beaver Island Community School.  She will be returning to the island on June 6th, in time to see her sister, Abigail graduate.

Once they arrived, Joanie had a week to settle in before classes started.  To make things even nicer, the family she's staying with has a daughter the same age and attending the same classes.  Joanie says that she does have to wear a uniform there and it's an all girls school but that she's really enjoying herself.  One of the school trips was to Paris, France.  Her spring break will be in Scotland.

I asked Joanie about school and she said that she doesn't have to take exams and that there is very little homework - that part she really likes.  She also plays rugby once a week.  After school she does the same things she did here; hang out with her friends, watch television and of course check her email.

Would she recommend doing the same thing to others?  You bet! According to Joanie, "I'm having a lot of fun and I am really glad I came.  It is a great opportunity and if offered it they should grab it or they'd regret it for a long, long time."

If anyone would like to send Joanie a note, her address is adamsjoanie@hotmail.com  

From the Lighthouse School

On Friday, March 9th, Phil and Lil Gregg and the Saxtons came to the Beaver Island Lighthouse School to share a slide show with us.  We were shown many great pictures of the way Beaver Island used to look and how it looks today.

Phil told us stories about the buildings and how they have changed.  It was a very educational and enjoyable event.  Also, it was very surprising to see the changes and development of the island over the years.  We got to see the different ways they used to get around, and the many hobbies of the Beaver Island community.  As the slide show came to an end, a couple students from Neil's Beaver Island History class asked Phil a couple good questions. When was the Beaver Head Lighthouse first lit? Who was the
Island's first sheriff? We the students are very grateful to have been invited to see the slide show.

Hello!! This is Laurie Hart.  I just thought I'd help Jennifer out and give her my perspective of the slide show.  I thought it was very interesting. Not only did we find out more about the history of the Island; but also we found out from somebody who has lived here on Beaver Island for many years. I liked it.

Hi. This is Amanda Couch. I thought the slide show was pretty cool.   I enjoyed listening to the tales of the island past; it gave me a homey feeling.

Written by: Jennifer Pietsch
Student, BILS Spring 2001

Richie's Shanty

1Richie's Shanty.jpg (41651 bytes)

March 10th: Richie Gillespie's fancy fishing shanty moved again.  This time from the harbor to the Beaver Island Boat Company dock.  Now was it because the ice was turning dark? or was it moved to solid ground to be available for intimate cocktail parties during the upcoming "Great Day"?  

Speaking of Mr. Gillespie...

After the shanty was moved off the ice, Richie and Jeff Mestelle took a trip to Drummond Island on Sunday.  Richie was kind enough to send the photos so we could all see the them.  They spotted two Hannah Towing Company tugs each pushing fuel tankers, probably bound for St. Ignace.  According to Richie, Buddy Martin was hoping they could steer one of them into the harbor but no chance.  As Richie pointed out, "it's amazing that this goes on all winter long and we rarely notice it."  Richie also snapped pictures of White Shoal light and the St. Helena light.   Thanks for sharing, Richie.

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For those people traveling to the island this weekend, Island Airways has requested that you be aware they will NOT be open from 10:30 until 2:00, and the telephones will be shut off, so that all the employees may attend the memorial service for Ellen Welke who passed away March 10th.  They WILL accommodate everyone during the early morning and afternoon.  Also, please limit your calls for information about memorials or services to the airport as they still need to be able to deal with business.  Your caring thoughts and prayers are appreciated by the Island Airways family at this sad time.  Thank you. 

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