Got Wings?

Planning on flying over to Beaver Island either with Island Airways or with your own plane from the Charlevoix Airport?  Check out "Airwaves", the Island Airways newsletter for Spring to catch up on any changes with the airlines and at the airport itself.  Their website is  Check it out!

It's Springtime

It won't be long now before it's Memorial Day and the only time year 'round residents will see each other will be as they pass on the roads to and from jobs.  The gears are quickly picking up speed as the island gets set for another summer season.  Our "snow birds" are making their way home and every ferry brings new, unfamiliar vehicles.  During the off-season we can recognize every car or truck we see and know who it is.  Now we're at that point where we ask one another, "Who's driving that?"  "I didn't know that fill in the blank were back" or "Wow! Fill in the blank's got a new car or truck!"  

Local businesses have "help wanted" signs posted, people are cleaning up fallen branches and leaves from their yards, the roads have gone from slippery to dusty (a true sign that summer isn't far off).  We're seeing a few pleasure boats sneak into the harbor and tie up.  Bikers and joggers are back out on the roads.  Those with little ones have the strollers out and are introducing another generation to the nuances of warm spring days.  This years seniors are getting antsy about graduation which is just around the corner while their parents are wondering how those twelve years passed so quickly.

Springtime on Beaver Island... one of the nicest seasons.... no mosquitoes yet and the mushrooms are popping up.  Daffodils are blooming and some gardeners are grumbling about the deer who ate their tulips.  Ducks are pairing up, the Great Blue Herons are back in the harbor area and at Gull Harbor.  What a grand place to live, the only thing that could make it better would be to never have any more mosquitoes (did you know that Michigan is thinking about naming it the state bird?)

Planning a Trip to the Island?

Bring Along “Your Beaver Island Guide”

Written in a fun and light style, Your Beaver Island Guide includes 20 pages of inside information and itineraries like the “Harbor History Hike”, answers to commonly asked questions, “Welcome to the Island Coupons”, and much more.


To Receive a Copy of the Guide by Mail, simply send:

$3.96 + $1.04 (tax & postage) = $5.00

To: Island Explorer

P. O. Box 163

Beaver Island

MI 49782

Also available on the Island at Local Businesses.

“Your Beaver Island Guide” is prepared by two Beaver Island residents who each have more than 20 years of experience in the tourism business. This publication is intended to highlight and further supplement other maps and information available. -S.B. & J.B.

The Triplets Update

Last week came the announcement of the arrival of Randy and Kim (Connaghan) Jones' triplets.  On May 7th, Brennan and Kim arrived home from the hospital.  Turner made his escape on May 9th, having mastered the ability to suck and little Quinn has been in the neonatal unit since birth because his lungs aren't fully developed. He has been receiving steroids and is on oxygen. He was on a respirator but that was removed the morning of May 8th and he's coming along fine.

Just happened to have some pictures of these little guys, thanks to some very proud relatives.  Thanks for sharing!









Photo taken by Claude J. Zajakowski









Photo taken by Claude J. Zajakowski









Photo taken by Claude J. Zajakowski

TRIPLET UPDATE:  Quinn was taken off oxygen May 10th and is breathing on his own.   He is now being bottle fed. He is currently 4lbs. 8oz.  He will be able to come home when he reaches 5 lbs.


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