New Medical First Responders

The following have now been licensed as Medical First Responders:

Abbie Adams*, Jessica Carpenter, Kevin Jeter, Gerald LaFreniere, Jr., Erin Russell*, and Karen Whitecraft.  Kellie Gillespie** also took the course and passed the exam but due to being under the age of 18, she did not receive her licensure.  Congratulations to all of you on a job well done. 

* denotes high school seniors ** high school junior

Guess Who?

Every so often I "fall into" something, in other words, I get lucky... today it was finding this photograph of a little girl.  You know her.  Couple of hints... (1) she always has a smile (2) she can be found at the Old Rectory.  Scroll to the bottom if you haven't guessed who this is.

It's a Girl!

Miss Ashley Jean Runberg made her debut on May 14th at the Charlevoix Area Hospital.  Weighing in at 5 pounds, 15 ounces, Ashley is the daughter of Tasha Runberg and Lyle LaToff.  Grandparents are John and Carol Runberg of Beaver Island and Joe and Becky LaToff of St. Johns, Michigan and Beaver Island.  Great grandparents are John and Joyce Runberg of Beaver Island.  Congratulations!



Katrina Martin, daughter of Bud and Colleen Martin,  just received word that she passed her Michigan Bar Exam.  Katrina works for Judge Lita Popke in Wayne County.  Congratulations!


Audrey (Wojan) Chapman graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage with a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership.  She graduated with honors on May 6, 2001.   Congratulations! 



New Employees or Mascots?

These two little ones have been seen loitering around the Beaver Island District Library.  Are they newest employees? Are they after Barb and Phyllis' jobs? Or are they the mascots of the children's Story Hour on Wednesday mornings?   Whomever they are, they sure are cute and definitively  behave themselves, never making a sound.

The Mighty Campers

Mrs. Stambaugh's 5th and 6th graders finally made it to camp.  Thanks to all of you who purchased calendars, bulbs and attended their annual play.  On Monday, May 7th, they boarded the Beaver Islander and headed off to enjoy four days at Camp Hayo-Wen-Ha at Torch Lake.  Mrs. Stambaugh and Bill McDonough were the chaperones for the trip and both crawled off the boat Friday afternoon claiming that they'd had a wonderful time.  We know the kids did... they are already talking about going again next year!

The Season's Open


The ice is just a memory and although it certainly isn't warm enough to swim... unless you're a kid, and we all know they'd swim between the ice floes... Bud Martin has been making trips in and out with his tug "Shamrock", hauling gas and oil to the island.



What's "Left"?

Monday, May 14th, the lot to the left of the public playground looked like this:

Greg Cary had just finished up some cement work.  This was the site of Grace Cole's home.  Bud Left acquired the house and property and quickly discovered that due to run-off from heavy rains and large winter thaws, the foundation of the house was rotted.  As a result, the house was torn down this winter.  Bud purchased a modular home and by Monday evening, this was the view from the same angle:

Using an imported crane and the crew from the modular company in Petoskey, the house was "set" and the finish work is being done now.  The island has several modular homes and even a couple two story ones but this was the first in the harbor area and a crowd gathered to watch the production.  Bud says that since there is already a Cull's Cove and a Wood's Wharf, that his house will be Left's Landing.  Congratulations on the new lodgings Bud!


all small mouth bass fishermen!

The season opening of smallmouth fishing is officially July 1 this year and all following years until further notice.

In an attempt to stimulate the re-growth of our declining bass population the DNR has heard our plea and closed the season during the critical spawning period. Please pass the word. The opener is for all the bays of Beaver, High, Hat, Hog and Garden Islands.

Catch and release before season opening is also banned.

Beaver Island Wildlife Club

Guess Who?

It's our own Mary Kay McPherson, manager of the Old Rectory.

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