From left to right: Erin Russell, Abigail Adams, Kyle Wojan, Andrea Keehn and Courtney Moore

On Sunday, May 20th, the Beaver Island Christian Church celebrated Baccalaureate.  Each student was presented with a Bible bearing their name.  Following the service there was a gathering for cake and coffee and a chance to visit with the graduates.  Unfortunately, Tasha Runberg was unable to take part, but she is definitely a part of the senior class.

Meet The Class of 2001

Kyle James Wojan, son of James and Karen Wojan.  Kyle plans on attending Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.  He will be taking the course called CAD/CAM, which is computer aided drafting and computer assisted manufacturing.  Kyle is the Valedictorian of the class of 2001.

Courtney Lynn Moore, daughter of Joe and Phyllis Moore.  Courtney plans on attending Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.  She would like to major in photo/journalism.  Courtney is the Salutatorian of the class of 2001.

Abigail Elaine Adams, daughter of David and Kathy Adams.  Abbie plans on attending Olivet College in the fall.  She will be going into their HYPERS program, which is sports medicine related.

Andrea Lin Keehn, daughter of Denis Keehn.  Andrea will be going through 9 weeks of Boot Camp for the Army National Guard  in September and in November will begin AIT training for mechanics.  Once she is done she would like to attend college and study art.

Erin Jeannene Russell, daughter of Mike and Bev Russell.  Erin plans to attend Western Michigan University to major in Health Education, which will include diet and nutrition, sex education, and the general courses of health.  She is planning on obtaining a teaching certificate to teach at the secondary level.

No photo of Tasha is available at this time

Tasha Ann Runberg, daughter of John and Carol Runberg.  Tasha plans on taking care of her new family and try to take some correspondence courses.

Making a Joyful Noise

The Beaver Island String Class traveled to Bay View, north of Petoskey, to take part in "A Celebration of Orchestral Music" taking part in a 350 piece string orchestra made up of students from Charlevoix and Emmet Counties.  The island group was made up of 39 students along with chaperones, some parents and drivers.  The Beaver Island Boat Company generously donated passage to the musicians.

Kudos go to Karey Johnson, Education Director at the Crooked Tree Arts Center for organizing the whole program, for flying back and forth to the island giving lessons and for her patience dealing with so many beginners.   You did a fabulous job, Karey!  To learn more about the Crooked Tree Arts Center, click on the logo.

Special thanks go to the following people who helped this happen.  Beth Croswhite who organized things at this end; Jim McDonough and Theresa Higdon who hauled instruments; Beth and Joddy Croswhite, Deb Robert, Yvonne Crandall, Michelle Gray, Eula Thomas, Patti Cull, Kitty McNamara and Kathy Speck who were drivers.  Beth and Joddy Croswhite, Kitty McNamara, Patti Cull, Yvonne Crandall Joe Moore and Eula Thomas who were chaperones.  And chaperones while on the ferry were Deb Robert, Michelle Gray, Patti Cull, Yvonne Crandall, Eula Thomas, Kathy Speck, and Theresa Higdon.

While traveling on the ferry I asked a few kids at random 3 questions and I think you'll get a kick out of some of the responses.

After the concert, do you want to continue taking lessons?

Yes - Bryan Timsak

Yes - Leah Cary

Yes - Emma Adams

Kinda, but not really, because I know it all now - Kevin Gillespie

Yes - Andrea Moore

Yes - Kathy Speck

Yes - Patrick Cull

Yes - Jared Wojan

What is a symphony?

Tons of people playing - Bryan Timsak

A song? - Leah Cary

I don't know - Emma Adams

Kinda like a band - Kevin Gillespie

Lots of winds and strings - Kathy Speck

Beautiful music - Patrick Cull

What did you think of the concert?

It was fun - Maeve Green

I liked it - Emma Adams

It was boring - Dan Runberg

It was good - Brittany Crandall

For photos of the trip and concert we'll have to move to another page.  Just a lot of news this week it seems.

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