November 19 - November 25

How Low Will We Go

The level of Lake Michigan is still dropping.  It may be that in 20 years or so, if this keeps up, that we'll be able to drive to the mainland and the ferry will no longer be necessary.  Over the past year I've been taking photographs of the level based on old pilings down near the Beaver Island Marine.  The changes over the past year are amazing to say to least.

In May the water had dropped enough so that everyone could see the remains of the old coal dock located next to the present Beaver Island Marine gas dock, and it continues to drop.  For the weekly forecast of Great Lake water levels please visit this page   You may want to bookmark it so you can keep track of what's happening to our Great Lakes.  I've left the images large so you can see the differences more easily.   Oh, and yes, in that last picture it is ice and snow... winter 2000 has arrived.

wpe1F.jpg (30906 bytes)

11-24-00 May low water.jpg (7647 bytes)

Low_water_-_coal_dock_1.jpg (9152 bytes)

wpe1C.jpg (31396 bytes)

wpe1E.jpg (43462 bytes)

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