November 26 - December 9

Eager Beaver Cleaning Service

The newest Island business opened it's doors November 25th.  The new car-wash/laundromat on the King's Highway is a welcome addition to the island, and a much needed one.

With all new washers and dryers, visitors and Islanders alike will be able to keep up with the laundry.  In the past, if someones' home appliances broke down they'd have to order from the mainland and pay high air freight or wash it all by hand.  Summer visitors at the motels, cabins and on boats will truly appreciate this new business.

While you're clothing is being tumble-dried, you can drive your vehicle into one of the three bays and give it a good wash and wax.  Prior to this we had to hose them down at home or drive to the beach near Gull Harbor and scrub our cars and trucks.

We certainly wish this new venture a "clean sweep" of the entire island.


The Island Celebrated Jerry LaFreniere

The island community got together and decided to "thank" Jerry LaFreniere for all he's done over the years by helping travel on the ferry, giving great "January Parties" at his polebarn, and his wonderful preservation of the unique island history.  The "Freesoil Museum" may be a private collection, but very few islanders have such an extensive collection of photographs and memorabilia.   Jerry's wife, Sandy, has had her home invaded many times by people wanting to see the collection, so much so that she ought to be awarded sainthood.  How many wives do you know who would sit in the backseat so that hubby could drive around with the dog in the co-pilot seat?

Saturday, November 25th, the Island community gathered, beginning at 4 p.m. at Jerry and Sandy's polebarn.  It was a perfect Beaver Island House Party with food, conversation, singing, dancing and fabulous music.  A toast was given by Jack Spanhak that conveyed the essence of Jerry LaFreniere:


One Hundred Thousand Welcomes

through eyes that smile and wink.

He hustles freight and passengers

as fast as he can think.


With all on board his diesels roar

he brings the ship to life.

The captain wheels and she responds,

slicing water like a knife.


Another trip to countless add,

secure the cargo fast.

A glimpse outside in time to catch,

the light house gliding past.


Another look around the deck

make sure that all is fine.

Then up the ladder stop and turn,

secure the entry line.


His love shows for the little ones

to them he stand so tall.

A smile for all, a short hello

he heeds the captains call.


He wheels back to his island

and is happy as can be.

The sun is shining brightly

on a tranquil turquoise sea.


Taking turns with youngsters

he is patient at the wheel.

He watches bright eyes beam with light,

as the ship below they feel.


Back on the dock the forklifts race,

he works and doesn't talk.

Grabbing bicycles up off the deck,

he takes them for a walk.


The workday done it's home he goes

to answer beckons call

He's gathered island artifacts

to share with one and all.


The place is filled with music

as with care he sorts things out.

The pictures of the olden days

with workers strong and stout.


His special place has grown renown

a mix of old and new.

We see old friends when they were young,

while sipping on a brew.


His love has spanned the ages

as stories he does tell.

Of many shipwrecked islanders

when seas turned into hell.


Each picture's worth a thousand words

for families to treasure.

To share this wealth with one and all,

it is his greatest pleasure.


A man who loves his fellow man

as few do far and near.

This selfless giant of a man; please toast,

our "Jerry LaFreniere."


For pictures from Jerry's Party click here

The party began at 4 and went into the wee hours of the morning of the 26th.  The small stage that Jerry had built many years ago was constantly in use as Edward Palmer, Joe Moore, Mike Moore, John McCafferty, Cindy Gillespie, and others filled the place with typical island music.

Thank you

Generosity, love, support and encouragement are just a few words to describe what Jerry and I felt on Saturday, November 25th.  Hearing the music and singing, watching the dancing, the reading of a special toast, and tasting all the wonderful food let our minds and bodies rest for one very special night.  There is nothing more wonderful in life than to have friends and family.  We were so happy to have all of you share with us a night of memories that will last forever.  To each and everyone of you that was able to join us and to all else who have sent cards and notes, thank you for the laughter, the hugs, the smiles and most importantly... your friendship and caring.

God love ya!

Jerry and Sandy

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