Airport News

The Charlevoix Municipal Airport is again open to private aircraft.  Evidently the stop was of short duration even though it is within a 10 mile radius of Big Rock Nuclear Plant.

The Beaver Island Airport's long paved runway is now open.  The sod runways are NOT open and will not open until spring.

Hunter's Dinner

November 17, 2001 ~ Holy Cross Parish Hall

$15.00 each

Dinner served from 6-8 p.m.

Bar open until 10 p.m.

50/50 Raffle


Wild game appetizers


Old fashioned pot roast of beef with au jus

Fried Chicken

Mashed potatoes

Buttered baby carrots

Roll and butter

Homemade desserts

Road Construction


The Beaver Island road construction project is in the final stage with the town paving finishing up.  Grass seed has been blown, mixed with straw, over all the ground that was bare due to the digging, the last courses of pavement are being rolled, and the electrical meters are being checked out prior to the lighting of the new street lights, it's almost done folks.  Due to the ground not settling correctly, the boat company parking lot won't be paved until spring, but it is all rolled and flattened, and the platforms for the lights in place.  


While not everyone agrees with the architects view of how town should look, I think most will agree that all the work crews involved with this huge project were terrific.  Always courteous, friendly and willing to listen to comments, they put in some tremendously long hours over the past four months.  The asphalt factory will be shut down on Wednesday for the winter and crews will be leaving at the same time.  Guys, you did a fabulous job and we do appreciate it.  Come back and visit the island again, when you can relax and enjoy it.


NOTE: From the engineers... if you have some of the new sidewalk in front of your home or place of business, do NOT use salt this winter.  Instead use regular garden fertilizer 19/19 or 16/16 which will melt the ice but not eat away at the concrete.  Power's Hardware has been made aware of this and will have the fertilizer in stock.


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