Fogg3.jpg (506763 bytes)Remember the old Disney song lyrics, “when you wish upon a star your dreams come true”?  For Jon and Sally Fogg the famous lyrics are becoming something tangible in Deerwood, the exclusive lodge they are building.

Located on 228 acres of wooded land, Deerwood is destined to become a popular place for those in need of peace and quiet amid hardwood cloaked hills and a secluded, private 1/2 mile of beach.  The lodge itself will be 8,500 square feet, not counting the full basement where the centerboard from the “Chandler Wells”, which sunk in 1896 between High and Whiskey Islands , will become a bar where guests of the unique, logged bed and breakfast can receive their beer in iced pewter mugs and eat pizza cooked in an Italian wood fired oven.

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What is going to make Deerwood unique?  The construction is a new style and Ron Wojan, General Contractor, is over-seeing the job.  All the logs are Beaver Island cedar and were cut at Bob Graves mill on Sloptown Road .  Mike Crawford, log engineer, is responsible for the specialized notching and piecing together of each timber.  The logs are cut in half except for the last four feet, which is left whole.  These will be fitted together and then bolted to the side of the framed building.  The other half of the log will be placed on the inside while all the electrical will be located in the center.  All the log work is being done off site on Fogg’s Applewood property, a 60 acre parcel located on the hill at Barney’s Lake .  Mike Crawford is doing all the notching and numbering of each log so that when it’s transported across the road to Deerwood it can be reassembled easily.  This is also the place where Jon and Sally plan to make many of the furnishing for their new venture and mingle the hand-hewn with furnishing from their home in Holland , Michigan .  Applewood will become an equestrian center for the lodge in conjunction with Beth McCafferty of Unfinished Farms, with horseback riding and buggy rides.  Sally just purchased a matched pair of Clydesdales from Mackinac Island which they will bring over to Beaver in the spring.  In the meantime they are being boarded in Charlevoix. 

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Buddy Martin and sons blazed a ¾ mile road from the Barney’s Lake Road to Lake Michigan last winter.  The drive back to the lodge is delightful, with each curve giving the eyes beautiful vistas of the hills, dunes and hardwoods.  Look carefully and you might see deer, fox, partridge, turkey and whatever critter happens along.  At the present time you’ll see piles of field stone placed in heaps which will eventually become one of the four fireplaces in the lodge.

Fogg6.jpg (102895 bytes)Deerwood won’t be for everyone, it’s for those with discriminating tastes who prefer peace and quiet amid woods and lakeshore.  There won’t be the sounds of heavy traffic, just the soft chirp of crickets, tree frogs, the call of the gulls and bird songs along with the occasional howl of the coyote.  Here’s where you’ll find a great room with a magnificent view of High Island while sitting in front of a massive fireplace.  You’ll be able to enjoy reading in a private library with a view of the woods.  There will be five suites to choose from, each with a private, screened and roofed deck and whirlpools all facing Lake Michigan .  Imagine, if you will, enjoying your breakfast in the community eating area overlooking one of the most beautiful of the Great Lakes as the smell of cedar waifs through the window and gentle breezes carry the sound of the gulls and waves splashing on the shore.  This will be the ultimate vacation, get away spot.  No noise pollution unless you consider bird calls and forest sounds noise.  For those needing time to themselves, healing space, or simple relaxation at an affordable price, Deerwood is aiming for a fall 2002 completion date.

Fogg’s property covers about 98% of Barney’s Lake and according to Jon, they plan on leaving it as a nature preserve.  The only development will be a memorial pavilion on the hill top in memory of their daughter, Jennifer.  Perhaps the pavilion will make a place to sit and reflect on the beauty of Beaver Island and its peacefulness, what a fitting tribute to a beautiful girl from her parents.

We’ll keep you updated as work continues on this project along with photos of the work, so stay tuned.

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