Guess Who?

Easy one this time.  Most everyone should get this as she hasn't changed all that much over the years.  Looks a lot like her mother.  Check at the end of the 'News to see if you were right.

Road Construction

The finishing work has begun and the crews are "fine tuning" the roads.  The final course is being laid throughout the town area while other crews are smoothing out the edges, cleaning up, setting forms and doing sidewalks.  We have street lights now!!! They aren't drawing electricity yet, but the lights are going up through town.  Why photos of individual workers?  Because they've been away from home for awhile now, working here on the island and it's a way for their families to "see" that the natives didn't kidnap them.  

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Trophy Case

wpe15.jpg (9708 bytes)While most other schools had trophy cases and ways to display sports awards won by their schools, the Beaver Island Community School did not.  Now this beautiful display case stands in the school lobby just outside the gym.  It contains all the trophies won over the years since the school started competing with other small schools.  In it you'll also find a few photos of some of the early teams.  It's well worth a stop and a walk back in your memories to some of those early games and to relive some of the more recent ones.

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