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Monday, October 15, 2001

The Charlevoix County Sheriff's Office reports they have received several complaints of suspicious mail this past weekend.

Sheriff Lasater recommends that you take the following precautions:

If you receive a suspicious package or letter that appears to be a threat, contact 911 immediately and do not open it.

You should become suspicious of a package or letter if any of the following exists:

No return address

Addressed to title only, or incorrect title

Post mark not the same as the return address

Mailed from a foreign country

Excessive postage

Badly typed or written

Strange odor

Lopsided or bulky

Excessive wrapping, tape or string.

Sheriff Lasater would emphasize that to date we have had no reported cases of anthrax or other biological activity in Michigan.  Our intent is to educate the public not to scare them.  However, based upon reports of threats in other areas of the country, we would encourage all of our citizens to use caution.

George T. Lasater, Sheriff

1000 Grant Street

Charlevoix, Michigan 49720

Guess Who?

Pigtails and freckles gave this Guess Who a real education on how to survive the teasing of a big brother.  Any idea who this is?  Scroll to the end of the News to discover if you're right.

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