Road Construction

Things are moving along and if this nice weather holds the hopes are that the area south of the ferry dock will get its first layers of pavement this week.  In the meantime, the crews are working on the sidewalks and the curbing.  Just past the post office the curbing changes from the traditional style to a flat v-shaped curb which will aid in runoff during rain storms and spring thaws.  The thumbnail photos below will show you how things look now.  Click on the photo to see it full-sized and then use your browsers back button to return to this page to see the next photo.

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The photos above were taken on Monday, October 1st.  The photos below were taken on Thursday, October 4th.  These fellows were busy today.  The back road is almost finished.  These guys are starting to cringe when they see my little red Neon pull up and the camera raise.  They have had tremendous patience with me and my unending questions.. for that I truly thank each one of them: those at the airport, the gravel pit, the asphalt factory, the drain field, the paving and the concrete crews.  Thanks guys.

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The concrete work was supervised by  Bubba, who kept track of both the workers and his pet human, Mr. Norris.  You did a grand job Bubba!  The curbing looks terrific and the compass rose set in the sidewalk just south of the post office is wonderful!

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The sidewalks through the main part of town are almost complete.  Instead of the usual straight walkways, these are aesthetic along with being useful.  They gently follow the curve of both the harbor and the road.  Despite all the dirt, detours, and heavy equipment dodging, we're starting to see what the finished product will be and the general consensus is that it's going to be great.  

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After the July turn-down of the funding of the Beaver Island Rural Health Center in the Michigan 2001 budget, many figured that the island health center would receive money only when pigs could fly.  Guess what folks?  The pigs ARE flying! Over a million of them!

James K. Haveman, Jr., Director of the Michigan Department of Community Health has verified that yesterday the Governor was presented with some options to the 2001 budget that were not in the scope of the 2002 budget.  Governor Engler then approved the funding giving the Beaver Island Rural Health Center 1.5 million in cash.  The money has already been deposited into an interest bearing account.

According to Mr. Haveman there are no strings attached to this money for the building fund.  Now is the time to make the plans, acquire the land and perhaps hopefully in the spring to invite both Mr. Engler and Mr. Haveman to a ground-breaking.

This cold cash will be a boon to the updating of the medical facilities on the island for the year round residents, the summer residents and the day visitors.  Let's hope that the medical board spends this windfall carefully and wisely.  A full article  about this exciting news will be in the next issue of the NorthernIslander, so be sure and check it out.

Guess Who?

Wow! A hard one this time for some folks.  Best hint is that I think he has his dad's smile.  He's a well-known islander.   To see if you guessed correctly you'll have to go to the end of the News.  Good luck on this one!

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