Ok, here's the pictures you've been checking for all day.   My camera locked up Friday night so you'll all have to give Michelle LaFreniere a big thanks for letting me use her camera.  Click on the pumpkin up above for pictures of the Shamrock party or below for the

Stormy Weather

As you've probably heard, we had a dandy storm.  The winds howled around the island, and of course the ferry did not run Thursday or Friday.

Before heading to the library to work today (Thursday)  I made a quick trip out to Donegal Bay to try to capture the power of the storm.  In no way can a simple photograph illustrate the power of these winds.  Waves are 15/16 feet tall!  It was all I could do to stay upright against the force of the wind.  By the way, those aren't clouds on the horizon, those are BIG waves!

DonegalStorm1.jpg (36361 bytes)    DonegalStorm2.jpg (35445 bytes)

DonegalStorm3.jpg (21036 bytes)    DonegalStorm4.jpg (39631 bytes)

Rich Gillespie took the pictures below about 5:30 pm.  You can see how the storm has increased within a few hours.  It's now 10:54 and the highest reading I've recorded on my wind gauge is 49 mph! Power lines are down in some places, as are trees.  I'll try to get new photos tomorrow if it's possible to navigate the roads.  Thanks Richie for sending the pictures to share.

MVC-001L.jpg (59272 bytes)    MVC-002L.jpg (60110 bytes)    MVC-003L.jpg (43669 bytes)

Friday morning.  Just got back from taking the following pictures.  The wind doesn't seem quite as hard as yesterday but the waves are still huge.  I think that if you picture Lake Michigan as a huge bowl and although the wind is letting up a wee bit, all that water is still sloshing around producing huge waves.  The wind is still blowing at a good clip.  A good share of the island is without power and has been all night.  Crews are out working trying to restore electricity to Donegal Bay, the South end, East Side, and some of the town area.  Many trees are down all over the island making driving interesting to say the least.  The ferry did not run again today although Captain Kevin McDonough says they will try for tomorrow.

Donegal.jpg (64294 bytes)    Donegal from pavillion.jpg (85423 bytes)    Donegal looking at High.jpg (96140 bytes)

IndianPoint-Storm1.jpg (105638 bytes)    IndianPoint-Storm2.jpg (104966 bytes)    IndianPoint-Storm3.jpg (96020 bytes)

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