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FAA Closes Charlevoix Airport

to Private Planes

The Charlevoix Municipal Airport is now closed to general aviation under an order issued by the Federal Aviation Administration.  The ban on the private recreational flights operating under part 91 was issued because the Charlevoix airport lies within a 10-mile radius of the decommissioned Big Rock Point Nuclear Power Plant.  This order will NOT affect Island Airways nor the airports in Harbor Springs, East Jordan or Boyne City.

Autumn is on it's way out

Every year at this time the island starts preparations for the long winter ahead.  Each trip of the ferry brings more and more supplies for the island businesses carrying food, lumber, gas, etc.  Family freezers are being loaded to the brims with venison (it's bow season after all), beef, pork, and other meats.  Pantry doors are bulging as they hold canned and boxed goods.  Some of those really organized folks have even started their Christmas shopping - I don't happen to be one of them, something I inherited from my father, waiting until less than a week to go then having a panic attack and rush around doing last minute holiday stuff.  

Normally at the end of October the island population has dwindled to almost it's winter size with our "snow birds" heading off to warmer climates but this year we have a temporary boost to the population having the entire road crew on the island.  Even Main Street, which usually you can shoot a cannonball down and not hit a stray dog, is busy throughout the entire day with cars, trucks, cement mixers, and all sorts of other vehicles working.

However, all this means that from here on out unless it's a special occasion, the News on the 'Net will not be as long (crosses fingers and toes).  In fact, this week so far there isn't really anything to take a photo of concerning the road construction as the workers are doing a bunch of fine tuning.  They are getting ready to place the new street lights throughout town and hopefully that will be completed this week.  I had been hoping that it would be today so I could post photos of the old compared to the new.  I'm anxious to see the new ones and if the posts are any indication, they are going to be very attractive.

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