Road Construction

Despite wind and rain, the crews have been hard at work on the roads.  It's really beginning to come together and folks can get a pretty good idea of how the finished project will end up.  The roads are paved from Holy Cross Hall to just past the ferry dock; Daddy Frank's hill, Donegal Bay Road to the Beaver Lodge Road; Kenwabikise Lane, and from the Post Office to Gallagher Road. They are working on the curbing at Frankie Lane, Holy Cross hill and the hill at Gallagher Road.

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These fellows working on the crews have been out here on the island quite a while now, and don't get to see their families often.  I thought I'd include a picture of a couple of them so that their families will know that we islanders haven't kidnapped them.  Ken Provost and Curt (sorry, I didn't catch your last name) are two of the fellows who have been working all summer on this project.

Ken Provost.jpg (29937 bytes)    roadcrew2.jpg (32437 bytes)

Psst... Austine and Kenny.. click on your dads' picture.. he left you a message on the side of his truck.

Welke's Airport Paved

Since the asphalt factory and the gravel pit are both located at the west end of Welke's airport, it's not a surprise that the owners decided to have the main runway paved along with the approach to the terminal building.  Work has just started on it, and I'll get some better photos on a nicer day.  Work was being done in the misty rain Wednesday.  The runway is now wider and with the paving, much smoother.  Looking good.

rw welke1.jpg (20759 bytes)    rw welke2.jpg (20907 bytes)

Flag Ceremony

flagceremony1.jpg (26349 bytes)   

On Wednesday, October 10th, the entire school took part in a flag raising ceremony to begin the day.  The junior class carried the flag while the rest of the school children looked on in the rain.  The ceremony ended with the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance.

flagceremony2.jpg (38178 bytes)

Technology Student Showcase

Submitted by Connie Boyle

Repres_Neuman.jpg (16132 bytes)Four Beaver Island Community School students traveled to Lansing to take part in a Technology Student Showcase.  The students were Kristen, Krystle, Brittany, and Caitlin.   Connie Boyle was their technology supervisor, and Debbie Robert went as a chaperone since she teaches the elementary technology classes, and I teach the 5-12 grades.  We put together a presentation about "How we use technology at our school", including PowerPoint show, sample projects students have done, sample lesson plans I wrote (to share with the other 106 schools' teachers that attended), photos of our students and activities at our school, and some general info about our island, as well.  Here's the website about the Technology Student Showcase that was at the Lansing Capitol building.

Some of the highlights were:  meeting Senator North and Representative Neumann, having their picture taken by all sorts of people, presenting their project to all the legislators, teachers, and other students, looking at other school's presentations, being in the capitol building, etc.

Letter of Thanks

Once again our family must say Thank you...Thank you to the hundreds of Angels on earth.  You know who you are...You are the ones who helped us in so many, many ways.  You cooked for us, cleaned for us and baked for us.  You held our hands and our hearts when we cried.  You walked the dog, you sat with us, and with Sandy, when it must have been hard to do so.  You took time from your busy lives to give us a little glimmer of sunshine in our otherwise dark world.  You laughed with us, you sang for us, you sent us cards to cheer us didn't forget our birthdays and anniversaries when we did.  You kept our children when we needed a break and so did they.  You covered for us at our jobs time and again, and never complained.  You fixed the little things that needed fixing, from household things to our breaking hearts.  You helped us to keep our faith when we questioned what God's plan could possibly be.

Sandy had the most wonderful send off anyone could have ever asked for.  She was surrounded by her family and friends at her death, and the absolutely beautiful funeral mass was a moving tribute to a wonderful lady.  Everyone outdid themselves, from Father Pat to the Altar Society and all those in between.  Cindy Gillespie-Cushman for her beautiful voice, and Tammy McDonough for the help with the music as well as the choir, the gift-bearers, the Eucharistic Ministers, the pall-bearers, Ron Winchester, Richie Gillespie for his wonderful eulogy, and Jack Spahnak for the beautiful poem he wrote in memory of Sandy.  Phyllis Moore for the use of her writing for the papers we handed out at the funeral, Beth Ann Lucas for coordinating everything on the home front for us, and all those who opened their homes and lent vehicles to the family, and of course to the absolutely wonderful men and women of our community who cooked and cleaned up a the hall one more time.  Please forgive us if we have forgotten anyone.  The outpouring of love and support has been so tremendous we could not possibly have gotten to you all personally.

Hannah was telling me that she missed Grandma Sandy yesterday and asked the question, "When they lift you up on eagles wings, where do they lift you up to?"  I told her that God takes you to heaven as fast as an eagle can fly...and that is where he took Grandma.  I know that someday He will lift you all up on eagles wings too.  Your kindness' will not be soon forgotten in this life or the next.  Once again, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Love and God Bless you all

The family of Sandy LaFreniere


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