A Little Bird Told Me...


Although she is one of our senior citizens, she (to MOST of us) is unforgettable, but it seems that one of her nieces did do just that.. forget her.  Friday night was the wake for Betty Cull Lockton.  Sandy and Pete LoDico offered to take Sandy's aunt, Helen Pike, out the the Lockton home for the Rosary and to visit.


They visited with friends, joined in the prayers for Betty and visited some more.  At one point Helen saw Sandy go out on the porch and asked if they were leaving.. she was told no, not yet.. besides Pete was sitting across the room from her so Helen went back to visiting.


Time passed as Helen commented to Alice Lockton Klees that she should probably find Sandy and Pete and head home.  Alice informed her that they had already left!  Now here's poor Helen, out in the middle of the woods in Port St. James and there's Sandy and Pete enjoying a drink at the Beachcombers.  It never occured to Sandy that they left Lockton's with one person not accounted for... Aunt Helen.  Upon calling the house, Sandy learned that time...and Helen...wait for no one.  Helen got a ride home from nephew Alvin LaFreniere.  Sandy is now receiving all sorts of jokes about forgetting poor Aunt Helen.  We'll have to wait and see what (or whom) Sandy forgets next time... hopefully it won't be Pete.  Suggestions throughout town to aid Sandy in remembering have included:

tying a string around whomever she's suppose to remember

posting a "please return me" sign on Aunt Helen's back

printing a "please recycle" sign on Aunt Helen's back

giving Sandy a brain scan

getting Sandy new glasses

hiring a taxi to get Aunt Helen around instead of a niece

Just think Sandy, by next week we'll have someone else to tease although maybe it'll take a couple weeks since this was so good.

A Boost of Support


The Beaver Island Community School Sports Boosters are selling sweatshirts again this year to help defray the costs of uniforms, travel and other miscellaneous supplies the teams need to compete.


The new sweatshirt for 2001 is the "Soccer Sweatshirt" which features a soccer ball and the words Beaver Island above and below it.  It is available in both hooded and crew neck.  There are still a few of last years'  "School Crest Sweatshirts" to be had also in both adult and youth sizes.  





Adult Hooded S, M, L, XL 28.50
Youth Hooded M (10-12), L (14-16) 22.00
Adult crewneck S, M, L, XL 22.50
Youth crewneck M (10-12), L (14-16) 18.00


Adult* (3)XL, (6)L, (3)M, (1)S 18.00
Youth* (1)L - [14-16], (3)S - [6-8] 12.00

*Denotes that the number available is limited and included within the parenthesis 


If you are interested in purchasing one of these sweatshirts to help the Sports Boosters, please contact the Beaver Island Community School at 231-448-2744 or Diane McDonough at 231-448-2164.


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