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Guess Who

What a great picture!  If you built a house on the island, you've most likely met him.  He's crazy about digging into stuff.  Check at the end of the News to discover if you were right.

Paradise Bay Park

Though it was raining cats and dogs Sunday, about 40 people gathered under umbrellas for the dedication of the Paradise Bay Park located just across the street from the Shamrock.  This bit of land was donated many years ago by Nels LaFreniere to be used for such a purpose and a plaque now acknowledges that fact.  Two years ago the Harbor-Scaper group turned it into a lovely park with shrubs, flowers, trees and benches along with a brick pathway.  As the road construction project ends we'll see more little "pocket" parks around the harbor area making the walk from Holy Cross Church all the way out to Whiskey Point much more attractive.

Park.jpg (91052 bytes)    Park2.jpg (90436 bytes)

Who's Hendrick?

WelcomingHendrick.jpg (79564 bytes)If you were in the town area on Monday afternoon as the ferry was coming in you saw a whole lot of excited school children who were hollering to everyone, "Hendrick is coming!" 

Now while the kids were excited, the majority of us had no idea who in the world Hendrick was.  Since the students were being chaperoned by Mrs. Stambaugh it seemed that she would be the very best person to ask.  It seems that when the 5th and 6th graders went to Camp Hayo-Went-Ha, Hendrick was one of their camp counselors and he's from Australia AND he made a big impression on the kids.

Hendrick had been wanting to visit the island and with help from the kids and Mrs. Stambaugh learned all about the ferry schedule and all the good stuff about coming to Beaver Island.

Hendrick1.jpg (64660 bytes)

The kids met the boat with signs and lots of yelling and laughing.  As Hendrick waited to come down the steps of the boat, the kids all sang the Camp Hayo-Went-Ha song to welcome him.

Hope you enjoy your visit to the island Hendrick, we know the kids were sure glad to see you as they lined up for hugs.

InLineForHugs.jpg (80743 bytes)

The Construction Zone

It may be a slow news week, but the road construction is still going on and offers plenty to see and the island slowly marches into the future.  First stop was to see how the waste water treatment place is coming along.  The gigantic septic tank is about done, and it's huge! but nothing compared to the size of the drain field that goes with it.  There was a bulldozer operating in the far corner, but it was so far away it almost resembled a child's toy.

GiantSepticTank.jpg (79950 bytes)    GiantSeptic.jpg (82850 bytes)    DrainField.jpg (92892 bytes)

Then driving back into town...smoke!  What was burning?  No sirens to be heard anywhere, what was going on?  The Beaver Island Boat Company parking lot was being worked on.  It had been partially cleared and huge piles of trees were stacked in the center.  After the torrential rains the past two days, this was the perfect time to do a burn.  However, it truly resembled a scene out of a pre-historic movie...

Clouds of smoke billowing through the trees looking much like those foggy, swampy landscapes the movie producers love so much.  Then there was the gigantic crane/bulldozer "eating" the trees and stumps.  If your imagination was vivid, it looked like some pre-historic dinosaur gobbling food and feeding it's young.  Just the stuff to inspire the next George Lucas or perhaps a young Stephen King.  

BIBCO1.jpg (96804 bytes)    BIBCO2.jpg (76989 bytes)

BIBCO3.jpg (96544 bytes)    BIBCO4.jpg (84732 bytes)

Guess Who?

Well, would you look at that... it's Jimmy Wojan <chuckle> of Wojan Excavating.  You clean up real nice, Jimmy.

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