St. Patrick's Day 2001

It's tradition to start off the festivities with the Shopping Cart race.  Sounds simple enough, however it's not just pushing someone in a cart, the team must race to each post - of which there are several - to march on boards with foot straps for four members of the team while the cart rider pushes the cart to the next post.  2nd post has them flipping coins and drinking shots.  3rd post; all members of the teams have to change an item of clothing with another member.  4th post; jumping rope.  5th post; a game of leapfrog. 6th post; the team must sing and dance the Hokey Pokey and then the race back to the starting point.  Best time of all teams wins the trophy.

This year the race was won by a team who had a grandma in the cart.  First time we know of where the little old lady entered and won... way to go, Colleen.  By the way, is that a look of fun or sheer terror?  The winning team consisted of Colleen Martin, Trina - who doesn't want to be called Trina any longer, but Katrina, however, Trina, I'm still gonna call you Trina nanner nanner nanner - Martin (it's always handy to have your own personal lawyer along), John and Beth McCafferty and Kevin Jeter.  

The Tug-O-War between the Fish-chokers and the Hay-seeders