2011 June 30 Proposed By-laws for Natural Resources and Ecotourism Steering Committee

Exhibit A

Beaver Island

Natural Resources and Ecotourism Steering Committee

Mission Statement: To understand and preserve our natural resources and promote opportunities for their appreciation and enjoyment.

Amended and Restate By-laws

l. Purpose : The Steering Committee was established by the Townships of St. James and Peaine to engage in activities which further the preservation of the Island's natural resources and promote ecotourism and economic development as set forth in the Resolution Establishing the Steering Committee.

2. Steering Committee Members:

a. The Steering Committee shall have Members appointed in the manner specified in the Amended and Restated Resolution Establishing the Beaver Island Natural Resources and Ecotourism Steering Committee dated July ___, 2011.

3. Governance : Election of Officers shall take place at the September meeting of odd-numbered years. The Members shall elect an Executive Board comprised of two Members at large in addition to the following Officers: Chair, Vice-chair, and Secretary.

a. Chair. The Chair shall prepare the agenda and chair all of the meetings of the Steering Committee. In carrying out the duties of Chair and in furtherance of the work of the Steering Committee, the Chair may appoint subcommittees and may delegate duties to the subcommittees. The Chair will prepare a formal report to be presented to the two Townships at the annual meeting and shall keep the Townships informed as to the Steering Committee's activities.

b. Vice-Chair. The Vice-Chair shall preside over meetings in the absence of the Chair and perform other duties as delegated by the Chair or by vote of the Members.

c. Secretary. The Secretary shall take minutes of all meetings of the Steering Committee, and shall submit copies of the draft of all minutes to both township clerks within 8 days of the meeting. After approval, they shall be deposited with the clerks as approved minutes within 5 days of the meeting at which they were approved. The Secretary shall post all meeting notices. Notices shall be posted at Peaine Township Hall's outdoor bulletin board, the Government Building in St. James, the Post Office, the library, and the Community Center and on appropriate web sites.. The secretary shall send copies of minutes to the Members. The Secretary shall coordinate the posting of minutes and other information on the Charlevoix County Web Site. The Secretary shall be the Freedom of Information Co-ordinator of the Steering Committee.

d. Executive Board. The Executive Board shall meet regularly to set the agenda for the meetings of the Steering Committee and shall meet as necessary as determined by any of the above Officers. The Executive Board shall have the authority to act on behalf of the Steering Committee between meetings provided all Steering Committee Members are notified of the proposed action to be taken in advance. This right to act shall not apply to those items which are set forth in paragraph 6 below. Executive Board meetings shall be open to all Members and shall be governed by the Open Meetings Act.

e. Officers shall be eligible for election for one additional consecutive term as an Officer. Members of the Executive Board are eligible for two additional consecutive terms on the Executive Board.

4. Steering Committee Meetings: The Steering Committee shall meet at Peaine Township Hall. The Steering Committee shall have a minimum of six regularly scheduled meetings including one in January and one in September. Dates of the meetings for each calendar year shall be set at the January meeting. A regularly scheduled meeting may be cancelled if the Steering Committee determines the meeting is unnecessary or that a quorum can not be present, but the Steering Committee shall maintain a minimum of six regularly scheduled meetings annually. All meetings shall comply with the Open Meetings Act. Special meetings may be called by the Chair or by any three Steering Committee members. The purpose of the special meeting shall be stated in the notice of the Special Meeting and posted as provided in the Open Meetings Act.

5. Quorum. Seven Members shall constitute a quorum. Members may be present by conference call at any meeting and will count toward the quorum.

6. Voting: A simple majority vote of the Members present at a meeting shall be required for all actions taken by the Steering Committee except for the following actions: (1) actions on items introduced for the first time and added to the agenda at the meeting and not submitted in advance; (2) addition of a new Member which shall take a vote of a majority of the Members; and, (3) amendment of these By-laws which shall take a 2/3 vote of the Members.

7. Financial Matters: If the Steering Committee receives or anticipates receiving funds, the Steering Committee shall elect a treasurer who shall serve a two-year term and who shall serve on the executive board (adjusted for the first term so it shall end in September of an odd-numbered year). Funding of the Steering Committee's activities shall be through the Townships or other governmental or non-governmental organizations or donations. The Steering Committee shall obtain approval from the Townships prior to applying for grants.

8. Correspondence: Correspondence on Steering Committee letterhead or by an Officer or Member of the Steering Committee representing the Steering Committee shall require prior approval by the Executive Board.

9. Effective Date and Amendment of By-laws . After approval by a majority of the Steering Committee, these by-laws shall be effective and shall be submitted to both Township clerks. Amendments shall be effective when approved by 2/3 vote of the members and submitted to both township clerks.

Approved by the Natural Resources and Ecotourism Committee and amended to conform to the Townships 2 nd Amended and Restated Resolution. Dated _________________