Airport Committee Minutes and Information 2010

Working meeting of the Airport Committee on June 23, 2010

Don Vyse, Mike Scripps, Jim Wojan, Colleen Martin, Elaine West, and Airport Manager Rachel Teague

(This information was present to BINN in a very timely manner. The editor appreciates this very much. Thank you to Don Vyse, the airport committee chairperson!

The various documents discussed at this meeting were also presented along with these minutes, the questions, and the answers. Anyone needing more information is encouraged to get copies of those items that you may find interesting. They are too lengthy to post here.)

Overview from Don/comments from committee members: The 10 year plan has basically been pushed back a year awaiting resolution of the land acquisition, so the plan will now run thru 2021. There is no grant $ for 2010 project at this time. No projects are noted for the year 2014 as it is a “cushion” (for money year).

Fencing now on the plan is for security reasons, not for keeping deer off the runway. Fencing the airport for wildlife control was once considered and investigated but the sequencing of the airport projects - new terminal building, other fencing, paving, etc. will essentially change the footprint of the airport - thus this massive fencing (estimated some years ago to be in the $900,000 range) would follow the existing plan. lt is also not a required component by Aeronautics.

Don has spoken to Pat Harmon (Rd. Commission) regarding paving. Their steering committee has not yet met but the Boyne City Rd project is scheduled for 2012. Our plan calls for expanding the apron in 2013. The Char. Rd. Commission wants to work with the airport when they are working on the Island for paving projects. Pete LoDico said to contact the Rd. Commission on the Airports preferred dates for the apron project. lt was also mentioned that other paving projects- listed for different years in the plan - could be moved around to make it more efficient, similar to grants received by the BITA for transportation related projects.

The Airport will have to develop an “Exhibit A” to show all the land now owned by the Airport. Land Matters and Moore and Bruggink will work on this. The ALP update is funded. It was recommended by Mike S, to put parallel taxiwayy on the ALP.

No grants have been issued or promised for the design of the terminal. The engineering and tree clear must be accomplished prior to that project. The site work for the terminal will be part of a grant but both are needed before the design is considered.

Land acquisition is still on hold. The lawyer handling this has filed the papers but is now awaiting a court date to be scheduled. The resolution of necessity will be reviewed by the Judge, if he agrees then the townships can claim the property and tree clearing can commence. The cost of the property can be dealt with at a later date. The money is in place for the tree clearing, which was approved by both township boards. As to the question of the value of the timber, Don V. reported that the Charlevoix Conservation District forester had evaluated the trees at the airport and concluded they were of lower quality, hardwood too small, beech trees infested with scale disease ~ therefore not of monetary value.

Fueling facility discussion included above ground tanks and the storage of additional fuel, Rachel reeommended adding jet fuel to the plan. Recommendation by Mike te investigate the life of tank; (it might he 10 years old) and look into above ground tanks The more immediate need at the Airport is the old gas pump and the need for a longer hose. This would have to be taken out of regular funding,

The access road to the Airport is a county road. The road will have to be moved/angled when the improvement plan is implemented. The 2012 tractor/snowblower might get pushed back in the plan but is a true need at the
Airport, with the current equipment getting old, parts difficult to get, and some elements not designed to be used on the paved surface.Chairperson Vyse will pass the notes/recommendations onto the consusltant.
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Questions posed by J. Gallagher to be answered by Airport Committee received (The BINN editor decided to intersperse the questions with the answers instead of listing these separately.)



FOR YEARS 2012 THRU 2011



AS OF JUNE 7, 2010


1) What is the status of our efforts to acquire the Albin property?

1 _ Status of effort to acquire Albin property was answered in an email sent by attorney Robert Buchanan to both Township Supervisors on June ll.

2) What is the status of our $75,000 project for clearing the approach for Runway 9? A Block Grant Resolution was approved by the Townships in Fall, 2009. Are there any plans to commence timber cutting? If so, when is such cutting planned? Will we have ownership of the Albin property prior to commencing timber cutting? If not, what difficulties might we encounter without title to the property? What revenues, if any, do we expect to receive from the timber cutting? Have any funds been transferred to the Townships under this $75,000 project? If not, when do we expect to receive funds to finance this project?

2 _ We are waiting to acquire land and awaiting a court date before anything may move ahead with cutting the timber, the timber cutting project would have to be bid out, no monetary value to the timber, no money is transferred to the townships as Aeronautics pays the bills.

3) What occurred or action taken at the April 2010 meeting attended by Don Vyse and Jim Wojan? What information was provided to Don and Jim concerning program approval/authorization/fund transfers on the Albin land acquisition, design/planning of the Terminal Building or any other aspect of capital improvement at the Townships' airport? Were any written documents provided or to be provided as a result of the April 2010 meeting?

3 _ No action was taken at the April 2010 meeting; it was a follow-up of the 2009 MAP meeting. It was the same information that was provided at the May 19, 2010 Aeronautics Commission meeting attended by Jack Gallagher. No documents were provided.

4) What is the current status of design/planning/construction plans for the Terminal Building? Have any documents/announcements/notifications/approvals been received by Don, Jim or any member of either Township Board or the Airport Manager concerning this activity?

4. May 19, funding for site design was approved.


5) What documentation do we have from FAA or State inspectors about current safety issues and the corrective actions required? What documentation do we have concerning directives to reduce runway length?

5 _ There are no outstanding current safety issues. There never was a directive to reduce the runway length. There were suggestions from Aeronautics as a temporary solution until the required clear approach could be acquired to meet FAA requirements.

6) What data on Airport usage were provided for development of the Mead & Hunt plan? What data were ultimately used to reach their conclusions? What data were used to support a Terminal Building approximately 50% larger than Charlevoix City Airport?

 6. Handout: Report to the Community, highlighted area on page 2 concerning Mead and Hunt and how they developed the 10-year plan. The proposed BI terminal is 2,256 sq. feet (with a full basement for storage ~ not accessible to other use as an elevator would have to be installed). Comparison to other airport terminals is highlighted on page 2 of the report.

"Mead and Hunt, the authorized airport planner who developed the 10-year plan for the BI Airport, has been in existence for over a century and employs a team of professionals well versed in engineering, architecture and related disciplines. For large metro airports, the specialist gather date in enplanements, passenger numbers, etc. Ron Engel (Vice President at Mead Hunt) who compiled the 10-year plan, said that the BI Airport was probably one of the smallest they have worked on and that it was clearly apparent that the terminal needed work. 'For today's existing conditions it doesn't meet the needs,' said Engel. 'The need for improvement was obvious.' The proposed Beaver Island terminal is 2256 sq. ft. (with a basement for maintenance/storage). By comparison, the Charlevoix terminal is 3500 sq. ft. and the new terminal in Harbor Springs with 3750 sq. ft. To date, only a general floor plan for the terminal has been approved by the State of Michigan. As the building has not yet been designed, it is not feasible to estimate in advance what utilities/maintenance/operations might cost. Example: Ironwood Airport recently used geo-thermal for their heating system. If BI Airport utilized such technology, the long-term costs in these areas could be minimal. Engel outlined the improvements planned for the BI Airport and said the Airport Committee members stressed a modest yet functional facility. 'By no means is this overbuild,' said Engel."

7) Can we receive any material explaining the Abbreviations/Codes used in the column headings shown on the Airport Capital Improvement Program summary?

7. Handout: Aeronautics report explains the process, codes, etc. they utilize for the ACIP. This handout also explains some of the answers to question #8.

8) NPIAS PRIORITY RATINGS: Who establishes these rating? How are they established? Why are some of the most highly rated priorities shown for investment in the later years of the 10 year plan?

8. Priorities in the plan are established by several elements, included the practicality in the sequencing of construction/improvements.

9) Security fencing is shown as a 2017 investment. What impact does this have on requesting emergency air flight operators to land at the Airport without this fencing? What part of the airport property would be fenced? Why would only $16,000 be allocated to such a project?

9. Fencing now on the plan is for security reasons, not for keeping deer off the runway. Fencing the airport for wildlife control was once considered and investigated but the sequencing of the airport projects ~ new terminal building, other fencing, paving, etc. will essentially change the footprint ofthe airport - thus this massive fencing (estimated some years ago to be in the $900,000 range) would follow the existing plan. It is also not a required component by Aeronautics.

10) What are the differences between “Federal Entitlements”, “Federal Apportionment” and “Federal Discretionary”? How do they expand or reduce our ability/qualification to obtain Federal and/or State financing?

10. Handout ~ definitions of “terms” attached. Federal and State look at (a) the need (b) if it is “covered” Example ~ a snowblower qualifies, a mower does not because they don’t fund turf runways.

11) What is the outlook for continued State financing at previous levels in view of the State's financial position?

11. This is impossible to predict and is dependent on budget and legislative decisions.

12) What are the actual plans for Terminal design/planning/construction for 2010 and 2011? Has financing from the Federal/State governments been allocated/approved?

12. No plans for 2010 and 2011 for design. Allocated for site but nothing else ~ no other grant.

13) What is the thinking for the sequence of the investing for years 2012 thru 2015? Purchase of tractor and snow blower and expansion for apron and fuel system? How do asphalt paving plans for the Townships' get integrated into the airport plan? If plans for 2010 and 2011 are delayed, what happens to the timing and sequencing of investments in later years?

l2. The sequencing of years 2012 ~ 2015 is based on the funds available, priorities and necessities. Everything in the plan has now been pushed back one year. We need to keep active for AJP funding, it is relatively simple to move items around as needed. The federal government wants to see we have a vision. At this time funding for a minor ALP update, engineering for Runway 9 approach tree clearing and the Terminal Building site development is in place and could be accomplished in 2010 and 201 l.

14) Has either Township Board approved the preceding year's Plan?

14. The “Report to the Community on the Beaver Island Airport” was put out at both Township meetings and at the District Library and the Airport -it includes the 10 year plan. The plan and designs were also on display for the public at the last air show.

15) How long will it take to update the current 10 year plan? When will it be presented to the Township Boards for approval in view of an apparent deadline of August 4, 2010 for updating the 10 year Plan?

15. The suggestions made by committee members will be forwarded to the Airport planner, probably will take until the middle of next month to incorporate the information. The Committee will present to both townships (l\/like S. volunteered for Peaine).

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