Little Sand Bay By Snowshoes

There were very few other places to go that haven't already be reached by the snowmobiles of the Island, but hope was the leading emotion upon embarkation of the snowshoe adventuresome trek planned for Saturday, March 8, 2008.

Following the snowmobile tracks in toward the beginning of the Little Sand Bay Foot Trail, there was doubt in mind.

There were no snowmobile tracks headed toward the foot trail! .......Hurray!!!!

Untouched, the trail was immaculately pure white and pristine!

What a beautiful day, what a beautiful location, what a silent, beautiful spot!

The only sounds heard were the wind in the trees, which creaked one against the other...and a trickle of stream..

Could this beautiful walk be this short?? The stream gurgled, the melting run-off speaking softly..

A quick look behind....Stream meanders thru the thicket.....snow sculpted..what did you see? Bay from dark shadows...

Stream empties, but not before making one last sound........looking south and then north east

Is that Hog Island in the distance???

Snowshoe Adventure Continued