2008 A Visiting Yacht

Looking out into the harbor, one can't miss this very large yacht.


What a beautiful boat this is!

Thinking that it might be a great picture, the plan was to get down to the BIBCO dock and try to catch the Beaver Island and this visiting yacht at the dock at the same time. It was accomplished, but much to our surprise, the Beaver Island could not be seen side-by-side of this other yacht because it was much bigger.

Walking back up the beach quite a ways was necessary to view the Beaver Islander with its crowd of people.

So just what is the name of this yacht that seems bigger than the Beaver Islander. You can see its name in this photograph.

Tommy McDonough works for the family building at The Villages in Florida. The family used to own Brownwood, a business near Torch Lake and Eastport. It is 148 feet long, which makes it longer than the Beaver Islander and even longer than the Emerald Isle, and the name is "Cracker Bay." It has nine crew members and they sail all over the country.