Oldest Part of School Comes Down

Beginning this Friday the 13th, the oldest part of the school was prepared for demolition and tearing down. The inside had been stripped of anything of value over the last week. Friday morning the crew cut holes in the roof and finished the preparation to tear this part of the building down.

Then sometime later in the day on Friday, June 13, 2008, the oldest part of the school was torn down and was laying on the ground in the area of the old school playground. This is just another example of the old making room for the new.

You can see the building is missing parts now. The left side of the building will also be torn down after windows, doors, etc. and anything of any value is removed.

"It's not hard for some of us to imagine Sister Agnes teaching in the roadside room and Mr. Moore teaching physics in the old science room behind it," a former student stated. The last grades taught in the roadside room were third and fourth grades taught by Mr. Mike Myers. The last grades taught in the old science room were first and second grades taught by Kim Newport in the 2007-2008 school year.