Changes at McDonoughs' Market

by Joe Moore (Photos by an anonymous donor)

When I left the Island this past Wednesday to go down to teach in Battle Creek, I was very happy about the opportunity to help out Steve and Lisa Rose and the faculty at Kellogg Community College in the teaching of a very important class for the soon-to-be paramedics called International Trauma Life Support. As usual, one of my first trips back on the Island was to McDonoughs' Market, and I was completely taken by surprise at what I saw there, and on my way home. Take a look. You won't believe it either!

There appeared to be an employee meeting going on next door, but the new cashier was perfectly cordial.

I wasn't so sure about the new meat cutter though.

I had to make a quick trip to the post office and realized that I had forgotten something at the store, so I went back.

This was in window next, but before I could turn around in the store another sign took its place with a lineup waiting to get in..

It appeared as if the employee meeting had moved to another location.

I hope there is something left of the business when the family returns.......