2008 Electric Vehicle Show (2)


Excitement is building for the island's first Electric Car Show on Friday June 27, and Saturday June 28. Thirteen electric cars and trucks from ZENN, GEM, Zap, and Vantage will arrive on the ferry at 10:45 on Friday, and will be shown on the brick paver section in front of The Shamrock Bar & Restaurant and Harbour Market. Jeff Connor from Inland Auto EV will also show his Dodge Dakota pickup truck EV conversion as a work-in-progress. All of the EVs will be available for test drives according to dealer representatives Vic Staley and Frank Veraldi.

Both new and used cars will be featured, and the dealers will have special show pricing along with dealer financing and leasing options. Soft drinks and homemade cookies will be served, courtesy of Inland Auto EV. Much interest has been expressed locally in the small truck from Vantage, a California manufacturer. These new vehicles are just beginning to arrive at dealers, and Vic Staley is hoping to have his delivered in time for the show.

The Beaver Island show debut will be among the first for the truck. Small truck versions of the GEM will also be shown. “This is a great time for EVs on Beaver Island,” said local EV enthusiast and show organizer Dan Wardlow. “We have all the pieces necessary for a viable EV community,” he added, “lightly travelled roads, short distances, local service available, and a network of six free public charging stations. It's now possible to drive a small EV around the island with only a short stop for a convenience charge.”

With gas prices likely to stay high for the foreseeable future, EVs are also economical transportation, costing 2 cents per mile for electricity. Current models of small EVs are classified as low speed vehicles, and have a top speed of 25 mph with a range of 30-40 miles on a charge. Free public charging stations are located at Paradise Bay Coffee Shop, Stoney Acre Grill, McDonough's Market, Island Airways, Inland Auto EV, and Central Michigan University Biological Station. There are six EVs already in use on the Island, and those EV owners are invited to show their cars as well.

The Electric Car Show is sponsored by North Central ZENN, Fox Motors of Charlevoix, The Shamrock Bar & Restaurant, Harbour Market, and Inland Auto EV.

CONTACT: Dan Wardlow (231) 448-3196 Vic Staley (419) 606-3140 (North Central Zenn) Frank Veraldi (231) 547-9900 (Fox Motors of Charlevoix) Jeff Connor (231) 448-3132 (Inland Auto EV)