Iron Ore Bay Solitude

At trip to the South End Road on the Island is becoming expensive with the cost of gasoline at $5.50, but perhaps worth the trip down there when you are looking for some peace and quiet. On Thursday, June 26, 2008, there were only two cars that passed Iron Ore Bay within a period of two hours. The peace and quiet was worth the $9.76 cost of the fuel to get down there and back.

Iron Ore Creek is still running slowly, a trickle compared to this spring.

The creek has also been diverted 180 degrees from its direction this spring from emptying to the east to now emptying to the west.

Still enough run-off to cause a little brook-like sound

Looking to the east where the creek used to empty into the lake.

The north side of the road--a stark beauty abounds

Into the darkened woods the creek flows.

Iron Ore Bay from the western edge looking east.