2008 July Mixed Golf Outing

Organizer Buck Ridgeway said, "I would like to thank the other 10 teams who participated.  Nothing  better than a lot of smiles and shots."

Buck also said, " There will be a signup sheet on the desk for the next Alternate Shot  Outing on August 17th starting at 1:30 p.m. Please find your team and check that you want to play.  We have room  for a few more teams."

What a beautiful day for golf! The object was to get out on the golf course and have some fun, and, if you just happened to play well, you might also win. Most were there for the fun. As Buck said, "A great day for golf even if the golf wasn't great."

The winners of the tournament were Theresa & Larry Laurain, who shot a score of 44. Congratulations to the winning team!

Theresa and Larry Laurain

A close-up of the first place trophy

While Theresa and Larry gained the first place score of fourty-four by themselves, there was a tie for second place, which lent some drama to the afternoon of beautiful skies if not scores. Tied for second place with a score of 45 were the two teams made up of Larry Roy and Jane Bailey, and Bob and Sandy Simpson. So a playoff hole was in order.

Both Jane and Sandy had to tee off on hole number one with the gallery watching. Sandy's drive went right down the middle of the fairway with Jane's going into the tall grass on the right.

Larry had a difficult lie and hit his shot across to the left of the green next to a tree with Bob landing his shot on the green.

Jane had a difficult place to hit from, but managed to put it just off the green.

Larry's fourth shot from just off the green was just a little short of the hole.

Sandy's third shot was a putt, and she put it up there.

Bob lined up his putt and put the ball in the cup.

The second and third place teams posed for a picture on the green of number one.

The playoff winners were all smiles. Congratulations to second place winners Bob and Sandy Simpson.

Third place went to Larry Roy and Jane Bailey with Joe Moore and Annette Dashiell in fourth place.