Last week the big crane and the tower crew came to the Island to get up the three big towers that EW Marine had pledged to put up. The towers have many possible uses including expansion of cellular phone coverage, improvement of emergency radio communications, and the expansion of wireless Internet services. All of these have possibilities and may begin to come about in the near future. All three towers are under the 200 foot lighting requirement and permit requirement of the Federal Aviation Administration at 180 feet tall.

The first tower visited was the one on Donegal Bay Road

Each of the tower locations has a premade building close to it for radio equipment, climate control, and electronics.

The next stop was the East Side Fire Hall location

The towers are designed to be able to hold plenty of the future expansion needs of cell phones and radios for the Island.

The third stop was the Green's Lake location.

These towers are plenty high, many feet higher than the existing tree tops.