Trip to the South End

The main purpose of this trip was to check out the melting and the spring run-off that had to be taking place on such a very warm day. The temperature was in the high 40's on the Island on Saturday, and there was plenty of sunshine, so it seemed like a good trip to make.

A quick stop at the mouth of Cable's Creek showed a good flow....Looking straight down into the water in Cable's Creek.

The water backed up on the inland side of the Cable's Creek bridge over the road.

This waterfall on the East Side Road was one of the main attractions for this trip down the Island.

There were several places on the East Side where the water was taking up a good portion of the roadway.

Iron Ore Bay Creek had plenty of water flowing as well as you can see.

The creek at Iron Ore was flowing out in several directions--one was flowing under the ice. You could almost hear the ice cracking and serveral times heard the breaking up and off of chunks of ice.

Iron Ore Bay looking west and then looking southeast.

Taking a 5 minute period of time to just stand still and watch the ice move was one of the goals.

The movements were well choreographed with the flow of the creek and the slight wind in the air.

Do you see the deer? Several times we stopped to catch them in their hiding places.

So weren't interested in hiding. We lost count of the total deer seen.

We stopped to take a break and enjoy the view of Cable's Bay near the Bellamy cabin.

Something spooked these geese. Was it the eagle we wanted to catch on film? No just some seagulls, Jonathan Livingston Seagull perhaps?

There were many, many run-off streams headed out to the lake on the East Side.