2009 December 14 Peaine Township Meeting Clips

This meeting was the most interesting display of emotion that has been seen recently at the township level here on Beaver Island. The board members from one township disagreeing on issues is one thing. This meeting showed downright anger between member of the St. James Board with Jack Gallagher of the Peaine Board. At one point even the Peaine Board members got angry at each other. The comments were flying so fast and furious at one point, that Jack Gallagher had to call for order to stop the flying angry comments.

There are 79 video clips here with very little left out of the meeting except silent pauses and some public comment toward the end of the meeting when the tape was running out. Each of these video clips is a Quicktime Streaming Video clip.

Amending previous meeting's minutes

Trails committee appointment

Jack lists issues 1

Jack lists issues 2

Jack lists issues 3

Assesssment problems

Assessment problems timeline

Assessment problems assessor meeting

Financial records problems

Assessment problems State of Michigan take-over

Legal representation and contentiousness

Jim Wojan comments, Jack continues

Jack communication issue with Jean Wierenga

Township lawyer not able to answer questions

Airport contention discussed

Jim Wojan comments on assessment problem

Kevin White's report to Jack, Jim Wojan comments

Letter received from state tax commission

Jim Wojan asks what happened

Jim Wojan asks again, Colleen Martin comments

Judi Gallagher comments

Doug Tilly comments, Karen Wojan comments

Jack and Karen back and forth

Jean Wierenga Waste Management Committee comments

Jack Gallagher responds to Jean's comments

Jim Wojan requests, Jack responds

Assessment resolution discussed by Pete LoDico and Larry Kubic

Collen Martin questions, Larry Kubic questions

Supervision of assessor, Jim Wojan comments

Jim Birdsall, State will supervise all along the process

Don Spencer questions the assessor's ability to complete the project

Jack Gallagher satisfied with assessor's ability

Supervisor responsible for assessment, Paul Welke comment

Jack answers Paul, Karen Wojan questions

Jim Wojan asks why the assessor is NOT at the meeting

Jack will arrange a meeting with Kevin White, Jim Wojan comments

Bill Cashman comments, then asks question

Paul Welke asks if this will satisfy the state, Jack answers

Jack and Jim discuss, if the resolution passes will it be approved by the state

Jim Wojan says call Rick Speck

Jim Wojan comments, Paul Welke makes motion on resolution

Jack Gallagher lays out the plan to satisfy the state

Jack Gallagher lays out the plan to satisfy the state 2

Karen Wojan questions the plan

Jack Gallagher and auditor to work to fix financial report errors

Woodchipper loan issue discussed

Resolution on the woodchipper

Motion for auditor to come to the island in March 2010

Woodchipper loan modification explained

Amend promissary note resolution

Audience questions cost of extension of loan

Jim Wojan thought this was already completed

How did this occur, Colleen Martin questions

Legal representation issue beginning

Pete LoDico states no knew lawyer needed, Jack responds

Pete finishes comments, audience comments back and forth, Jack calls for order

Jim Wojan requests each board member to comment on need for different lawyer, Larry Kubic comments

Colleen Martin Comments

Pete LoDico comments on Dual Representation Agreement, Paul Welke comments and agrees

Don Spencer comments on legal representation

Jim Stambaugh comments

Jacks states position

Jack states conflict between documents and practice

Jack summarizes the Waste Management Committee conflict

Jack states WMC not in compliance with documents

Jack states there is inconsistency

Lack of information was the cause of the conflict

Jack states dual representation may not resolve the conflicts

Jack states that some issues seem too hard to resolve without lawyers

Paul Welke suggests a procedure to resolve issues before lawyers are called in

Jim Wojan comments on procedure, Jack responds

Pete LoDico makes motion for dual representation with committee of two from each township

Judi Gallagher asks for bar association contact

Jack asks for clarification, Paul comments

Dual Representation agreement

Minutes, Meeting notification, and Open Meetings Act motion

Peaine generators discussed

Assessor question from the audience

Joe Moore thanks Colleen Martin for minutes, asks question about minutes and resolutions