2009 December Pictures from the Southend

"In 39 of my years and 62 of my mom's we had not been up so late in the year.  This was truly a first for us, and it gave mom a chance to see what it will be like in 3 years as she plans for her retirement. While we were up, I took some pics of the south end of the island that I would like to share with you.  Included is a pic of the Beaver Head, South End Rd leading away from the light, Lake "G" from Loews Lodge and the point that leads into the south arm.  The fog was so intense that it was quite eerie.  Enjoy the pics and feel free to publish them on News on the Net." Ed Sawyer

Thank you for sharing these photos taken around November 21, 2009!

Southhead Lighthouse and road near the lighthouse

Lake Geneserath from the point that leads to the South Arm

On a brighter note and in brighter photographs, a beautiful sunset with pictures taken from Loews Lodge:

Thank you so much for sharing these!