2009 Feb 8 Photos of the New BICS Building

The building has very little more construction that needs to be completed. As always there is a "punch list" of little items that need attention, and some other work necessary to complete the computer work, presentation stations for the teachers, and a lot of moving to yet be completed.

These photos start in the north of the school closest to the Donegal Bay Road. As you enter the school, there are three doorways that you could choose. If you choose door number 1 on the left, you would enter the school office wing. If you choose door number 2 which is straight ahead you would be in the gymnasium lobby area. If you choose door number 3 on your right, you would be entering the high school locker hallway. These pictures start down at the end of the high school locker hallway in the computer room.

The new computer lab will have new computers, new computer tables, and areas for study and work on larger projects.

This picture was taken just outside the computer room looking down the high school locker hallway. The entrance foyer and school office are through those double doors down at the end.

This picture was taken after entering the high school wing. Just before the computer lab, on the right, the double doors open into this quite large open area with classrooms on the left, right, and straight ahead.

Mr. Martell will share this science lab with the art program. It is quite large and well equipped.

Walking straight east to the room closest to the Church Hill road, there is a high school classroom that will be used for Social Studies and Math. It will be shared by Mr. Eaton and Mr. Ritchie.

Also on the front of the new building in the northeast corner there is another high school classroom for mathematics and will be used mostly by Mrs. Boyle and her classes.

Just west of Mrs. Boyle's room, there is another high school room that will be used for English by Mrs. Martell.

In the southwestern corner of the high school wing is a music and special projects room.

We now go back to the school entrance:

The entrance to the building...(entrance foyer)

There is an entrance to the office wing on the left.

The gymnasium and gym lobby are straight ahead. After going through these doors, there is another hallway double doors that allow access to the middle school and the elementary school wing.

The lights come on automatically, but the effect lacking the light shows the length of the hallway better.

On back side of the building in the area that used to be the computer room, the area was remodeled to make a nice classroom for the middle school including grades 5, 6, 7, and 8. This is the 7th and 8th grade classroom and lockers.

Continuing down the hallway, there is a small group work room.

This is followed by the 5th and 6th grade room with a special space for the school store.

A handicap accessible classroom is also available.

On the right after entering another open area are the lockers for the upper elementary and another glance into the 5th and 6th grade room.

Mrs. Meister has an office located in this same area.

In the southwest corner is a very nice room for Mr. Myers' 3rd and 4th grade students with a men's and women's restroom on either side of the entrace to this room.

After leaving the upper elementary rooms, we see the south exit, which will be used to exit onto the playground area for the elementary students.

The next steps work us to the front of the school building facing the King's Highway. In the southeastern corner of the new construction is the first and second grade elementary room which will be for Ms. Newport and her students. Next door is a small group work room which was not photographed.

The last classroom in the new construction is right next door to the 1st and 2nd grade room. This room is for Mr. Rooy's pre-K and Kindergarten students.

After the pre-K and K room headed north along the elementary/middle school hallway, there is another doorway that opens in the "office wing." On the right is the teached work area and the teacher break room. On the left is the office for Mrs. Croswhite, counselor, which did not photograph well, so there is no picture for it.

Continuing north in the office wing corridor is an office for the administrative assistant Alice Belfy.

Next is the office for the principal/superintendent Kitty McNamara.

Just across the hallway is the conference room.

And now we are back at the office of Kerry Smith, just one door away from the new school entrance.

This is an amazing building with lots of growing space and lots of work space for our students to grow.