2009 Jan 19 BICS Construction Update

The construction project is moving forward quite quickly with the scheduled State Fire Marshall inspection scheduled this week. The high school area classrooms look like there is very little yet to be completed except inserting the ceiling tiles in the suspended ceiling and finishing touches put on each room.

The structure is beginning to look at lot like the artists rendition as it approaches completion.

A look down the high school hallway where the student lockers are installed.

It looked like the majority of the white erasable boards were installed with some furniture needed some work, but otherwise the high school area is most close to being completed.

More and more completed........awaiting inspection and then installation of the ceiling tiles..

The rooms are not labeled for usage, but this is obviously a science lab with the sinks and counters.

One interesting feature includes the fact that the classroom lights come on as you walk into the classroom. How will they be controlled for films and movies and Powerpoint presentations?

This smaller room seems completely finished.

Back to the high school hallway looking from the opposite direction.

This room has the white boards and bulletin boards up, but is used for storage of lots of furniture, etc..

A hallway walk through from the high school area to the gymnasium hallway.

The old "weight room" of the gym is being set up for serving lunch...etc.

The gymnasium

The new computer closet room (the old coach's office)

A look into the older part of the building from the gym lobby

A look back at the gymnasium lobby and entrance to the gym

The school entrance...the electricians are working on the lights here

A quick look at an amusing picture and joke for the construction crew.

The school office wing..

More of the office wing....

Perhaps, the teacher's lounge

Another small room with the electric panels...

Moving now into the middle school and elementary wing

One classroom still needs a little installation of furniture

Along the back wall of the building.................................the back door

These rooms still need quite a bit of work from the old part of the school..

A look out the south exit toward Palmers


Still working on installation of elementary cupboards and cabinets


The lower elementary area...

More elementary area...

Looking back at the office area from the elementary area

A main entrance view of the harbor

Looking right as exiting the building

Looking up at the decorative entrance construction

Looking right as exiting the building

A look down the north side of the building

A look from the bottom of the church hill

A look from Whiskey Point...Can you see the new school building?