2009 Jan 27 Snowshoe Adventure

The adventure began at 12:15 p.m. after parking the car at Welke Airport. The way to Little Sand Bay through the Little Traverse Conservancy property was taken previously, so became the same pathway to begin this adventure.

Ducks near the runway at Welke Airport

Yes, you need to folow this pathway to get to the trail to Little Sand Bay. Nothing new seen on the pathway to Little Sand Bay, so no additional pictures will be posted for this leg of the adventure.

No time to rest on this bench that was easily accessed and seen.

Looking somewhat north from Little Sand Bay.

Looking south to the southern point of Little Sand Bay, the first destination.

The fence protects the habitat from visitors....the creek is flowing under the ice covering...

Yes, another point sticking out without a name..

The push-ice was awe-inspiring..

Getting a little closer to the unnamed point..

Passing summer cottages on the first part of the adventure..There are many different styles of homes..

This push-ice looked more like a modern scupture..

Looking way into the distance, you can barely see Luney's Point

Luney's Point is no longer visible or is it???

Another cottage...

Someone had suggested that the water was frozen all the way across the lake. It certainly isn't between Little Sand Bay and Sand Bay.

Conn's Point perhaps.....Little Sand Bay from a distance.....Island Airways flying over Sand Bay

Cottages on the far side of the bay taken from near Conn's Point.....Cottages that were passed on the way to CMU..

This marked a creek draining into the lake. It was just a little tricky to cross with snowshoes....

The destination in the distance...

Looking back at a couple of cottages on the north side of Sand Bay

Looking back at Conn's Point and the cottages that were passed on the adventure.

The destination, CMU Biological Center from the beach in front....

This naturally formed ice cycle dripping sculpture suggested a back view of a vulture..

The adventure was over by 3:15 p.m. a total of three hours of snowshowing around several unnamed points and past many cottages. Not one person was seen on the adventure until arriving at CMU. Thank goodness, Deb Robert was still there. She provide a ride back to Welke Airport. Thank you, Deb!