2009 Jan 5 BICS Construction Update

The main entrance to the building is starting to take shape.

Thje high school rooms seem to be almost completed with just the electronics and computer work and ceiling tiles missing.

The ceiling grids for the high school rooms and the entryway are installed.

A look from inside the room and outside...then a look down the high school hallway

Lot of rooms and lots of room

Moving down the hallway toward the older part of the building

The older part of the building including the old computer room and old room 9

Possibly a commons area and classrooms in the older part where Mrs. Boyle's and Mrs. Meister's used to be

A look down the hallway toward the center part of the building.

A look toward the back door of the old building...New rooms on the front south corner

Another room full of materials...a look outside....the hallway.....the boiler room

A look out toward the district library

The new computer room............. high school lockers...

The gymnasium lobby

Getting ready to go out the main entrance

Back outside looking from the church...